Managing and De-Escalating Aggression

This training course is suitable for front-line staff who in regular contact with members of the public and service users who may become frustrated, upset or aggressive.  Our training focusses on verbal and non-verbal communication used to calm and de-escalate conflict.

These methods are intended to be successful prior to the need to use any physical intervention or exit strategy and include approaches to providing service, recognition of warning signs, de-escalation models and cultural awareness.

We use a ‘brain-and-behaviour based’ model of thinking about what the key social/behavioural drivers for behaviour are, and then use this model to:

  • identify external sources of stressful feelings
  • diagnose what internal domains are being threatened
  • prescribe possible causes and coping strategies
  • provide cues to the practitioner about interventions

Learning Outcomes:

✔ Describe common causes of conflict.
✔ Describe two forms of communication, i.e. verbal and non-verbal.
✔ Give examples of communication breakdown.
✔ Explain examples of communication models that can assist conflict resolution.
✔Describe patterns of behaviours they may encounter during different interactions.
✔Explain the different warning and danger signs.
✔ Give examples of impact factors.
✔ Describe the use of proximity when dealing with conflict situations.
✔ Explain the use of ‘reasonable force’ as it applies to conflict resolution.
✔ Describe different methods for dealing with possible conflict situation

Suitable For:

We have successfully applied our model of conflict management with:

  • Education and School Behaviour Support
  • Drug and Alcohol Outreach teams
  • Home Care and Dementia Care support workers
  • Community Safety Warden Teams
  • Psychiatric and Emergency Dept. teams
  • Lone Workers

What staff say:

“Really interesting, helped me realise how I can sometimes give off the wrong signals and unknowingly escalate the situation.  Some useful tips, raised my awareness of personal safety.” — Senior Care Worker

“I have learned to empathise more with what the client may be feeling, therefore how a situation or incident can be defused or resolved.  Very fun, informative training day.” — Social Worker

“An excellent training day, useful and practical, and very well delivered by the speaker. Thanks for an enjoyable experience.” — Customer Service Officer

Remember, with Dynamis Insight, your team will benefit from:

  • Professional Training
  • Legal Issues Covered
  • Risks Reduced
  • Staff Protected
  • Safeguards clients
  • Complies with Regulation
  • Value for Money



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