Safe Holding and Restraint with Dementia or Elderly People in Care

Managing Distressed and Challenging Behaviour with Older People in Dementia Care

Restraint Reduction Strategies and Personal Safety for Carers working with Unpredictable Clients.

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Restraint and Safe Holding in Dementia and Elderly Care

Helping staff to professionally manage situations when they encounter a person living in care who is distressed or displaying other stress-related behaviour associated with living in care.

“We treat our clients like ladies and gentlemen,

not because they always are,

but because we always are.

We teach and focus on a non-escalation approach which creates a safe and secure environment for dementia care.  This is underpinned by person-centred thinking and approaches which acknowledge the stress-related behaviours seen in care homes. With our 1-Day (or Half-Day Blended with Online) training courses we help teams like yours to:

  • understand approaches which ensure non-escalation of high-stress interactions with people living with dementia
  • think in a person-centred way about scenarios which are conflict flashpoints for people with dementia
  • use smart ‘proxemics’ to ensure safety in the event of physical resistance or reactions from distressed residents

By blending our verbalisation skills, our understanding of the flashpoints for distress in dementia and by underpinning these with confidence in personal safety, we help clients to better care compassionately for their clients.  Please explore these two dementia training courses and contact us with any questions you have.

Safe Caring Practices in Elderly/Dementia Care

On this Safe Caring training course your staff team will explore and develop practical ability in:

  • Mapping Aggression and Behaviour
  • Understanding The Experience of Dementia
  • Fundamental Templates for Good Communication
  • Proxemics:  body positioning and body language for safety
  • Dealing with Physical Resistance and Distress related to Dementia
  • Knowing when to call for help or abandon a task because of safety

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Safe Holding and Restraint in Elderly/Dementia Care

On this Safe Holding training course your team will practice their understanding and their ability with the following:

  • Understanding Duty of Care at Work and in Care
  • Knowing the definitions:  What actions are actually Restraint?
  • Government Guidance (SCIE, RCN) and Good Practice
  • Principles of Reasonable Force for Creating Safety
  • Awareness of Risks in Physical Restraint
  • Practical Skills for Last-Resort Interventions

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I enjoyed the training today. I felt it will be very useful and will be using the tactics and skills learned today to assist myself and my colleagues to reduce the amount of injuries that have been happening recently during interventions with our residents.

Senior Carer, Care Home for Older People

  • 2018 FEEDBACK SURVEY: The training course from Dynamis fulfilled or exceeded expectations 98.1% 98.1%
  • Our Dynamis instructor had a very good or excellent level of knowledge and competence 97.4% 97.4%
  • The theory and knowledge components helped me professionally 99.6% 99.6%
  • The techniques and tactics were appropriate to real scenarios in our work 97.3% 97.3%
  • Our Dynamis trainer observed good Health and Safety practices 99.4% 99.4%
  • The Dynamis training course was of the right duration to gain the skills and knowledge I needed 89.9% 89.9%

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