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Restraint Training for Health and Care

The following physical intervention learning objectives can be achieved for your team in 1-day. We have up to 5-day courses which are addressed to the specific needs of your service and are in line with an assessment of the risks you need to control in your organisation.

Communication:  Verbalisation skills for communicating under pressure and de-escalation in high-risk restraint/non-restraint situations

Behaviour:  Fundamental understandings about the nature of aggression, its triggers, cues and how to de-escalate it.

Restraint Rules:  Understanding Reasonable Force for Control and Restraint Interventions

Duty of Care:  Understanding where the duty begins and ends and who carries responsibility for restraint during an intervention.

Government Guidance:  What is expected by the national authorities who advise on best practice for restraint interventions and restrictive practices.

Risk Awareness:  What are the risks of physical restraint intervention and how to reduce or avoid them

Teamwork:  Working in cooperation with team-mates in high-risk restraint and non-restraint situations

Restraint Tactics:   Reliable and Robust methods for last-resort physical intervention resolution of high-risk conflict situations

Whether you need restraint training for nurses, or safe holding training for carers, we can teach your staff about holding safely.  Our experience ranges from mental health to learning disabilities, from brain injury to dementia.  We have provided holding safely guidance and control and restraint training courses to many teams who look after vulnerable people since 2006.

This physical intervention training will enable your staff with the knowledge, skills and judgement to be able to carry out last-resort restrictive physical restraint, appropriately to your environment.  Our courses are always tailored for their specific target context and client group.  Our team is experienced in training teams working with vulnerable people of all kinds in healthcare, social care, psychiatric, security and hospital environments.

When: 1 to 5 Days based on your identified needs and scheduled for your convenience

Who:  Groups of up to 12 care staff are led by each Dynamis trainer (larger groups by request).  Nurses and Carers, clinical staff, key workers and therapists can all benefit from courses which are tailored for your environment.

Where:  Training is held at your venue

How:  Our trainers deliver this course using a mix of lecture/presentation, Q&A, physical practice and scenario rehearsal.

Why:  Matched to your needs     Led by Professional Trainers     Legally Audited     Fully Risk-Assessed     Values Dignity and Respect     Safeguards Client rights     Offers Staff Practical Options     Compliant with Government Regulations     Value for Your Investment

Recommended Related Courses: Conflict Management or Personal Safety training, or both depending on your risk level.

Please contact us to gain access to our online Physical Intervention, Control and Restraint, Safe Holding and Conflict Management Training Needs Analysis tools.



This video shows some examples of our mid-tier restraint training.  Less intrusive and more restrictive tactics also form part of our complete repertoire for the full spectrum of risks which exist in healthcare, social care, education and security environments.

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