Frequently Asked Questions and User Issues with Dynamis Online Training

Our online training system is built on a world-wide platform that has been used by universities and large enterprises for many years, with a huge amount of care and consideration for our users.   Since 2014 thousands of our clients have used it successfully.   In our experience with the system to date, 99% of the issues which users have with the system are either user-errors (someone made a mistake with a log-in) or they are content-based issues (someone disagrees with what the correct answer to the question is!) or the people in your IT department have put a content-block on our video streams.

Please check these issues below as you try to solve your problem with the system.

# 1:   Watch this YouTube video for the main issues people have!

(includes #5  “We can’t see the videos!”)



#2:  “I can’t log in using the details you sent me”

PLEASE be careful about using the *exact* details supplied (for example using the correct upper or lower-case letters) when you log in. 

This is the most common error for users logging in to the system.


  1. Almost 100% of the time we use the email address that your organisation supplied to us for you.  They may have got it wrong.   If we sent a spreadsheet to your course organiser, please check it.
  2. If the email address they supplied to us is wrong, see WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS below.
  3. Are you entering your email address in LOWER-CASE CHARACTERS?
  4. Are you entering the Password EXACTLY as it was sent to you, with the correct upper- and lower-case characters in it?



#3:   “Where are the Quizes?”

The answer to this question is covered in the video above, however here are some images and steps which can help you.

Quizes Step #:1 Find the link next to the checked box

Quizes Step #2:   Click “Attempt quiz now”

Quizes Step #3:    Play the video and answer the questions!


#4:  “I gave you the ‘Wrong’ email address”

“I have discovered an error in one of the emails I sent for the Online Training.   Would it be possible for you to update and resend [Learner’s] login to:  [correct email address]


Please use your given Username (which is usually the email address that was supplied to us, in lower-case characters).


and the assigned Password:   (this is always unique but generally your organisation name and a # with a number after it).


These details will allow you to log in at the Dynamis Online Training portal EVEN IF the email address is the wrong one, or it is invalid, or it doesn’t exist.   The fact is, if we sent you a spreadhseet with the “wrong” email address on it, then it doesn’t matter.   It is STILL the correct username for logging in to the system.


Once logged in using these exact details (be sure to use the exact same lower-case or upper-case characters) then you can adjust or amend anything in your profile (such as your email address) which you wish to.


In the meantime, the details sent to you will allow you to log in





5:  “We can’t see the videos!”

“Nothing is coming up when we go into the quiz – there is nothing where the video should be!”



Our videos are hosted on – which is high-quality, trusted platform for the streaming of video content.


If the videos do not seem to be appearing or working, please consult your internal IT support in the first instance as they may need to ‘unblock’ content from our site – this has been the case with some managed IT systems.


The good news is that most people, if they can’t access the system on a Desktop or Laptop AT WORK, can instead access the online course through their own AT HOME devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.