• This declaration should be completed once you have read and understood the Dynamis Covid Secure Training Joining Instructions we have sent to you and which is also shown below.

  • Learners need to be aware of the updated requirements of joining our training in order to plan ahead. Cooperation in the safety measures is required to access the training.

    FOR THE FULL RISK ASSESSMENT VISIT: [ www.dynamis.training/risk-assessment-for-resuming-in-person-training-during-covid-19 ]

Information for Employers and Course Hosts


  1. Prior to training, your staff should be formally appraised of the risks and the mitigating steps being taken by you.
  2. Your staff should be engaged in a 1:1 check-in with you prior to training to ensure they have understood the activity-specific risks and mitigations, training site protocols in place, are physically and mentally well enough to engage in return to training and have actively ‘opted in’ to engage in the training.
  3. You should agree with your staff any conditions for their return to work, if any of them have been in self-isolation or they are themselves recovering from coronavirus.
  4. You and your staff should agree and be clear about their route to ‘opt out’ of the organised training environment at any time without unreasonable steps being taken against them consequently.
  5. Your staff need to declare their Pre-Screening for Covid19 symptoms in the week before training using our symptom declaration form, being sent to them by email.
  6. If staff are coming back to work from isolation due to suspected or confirmed COVID-19, you should be happy that they have been medically assessed prior to return.
  7. The training host is responsible for providing a suitably cleaned and well-ventilated room for our training course. You will receive instructions on how to enter / exit the building, how to find the training room and which toilets can be used (including any protocols) from the host.


  1. Please send your staff this video [linked] for our standard instructions on what to wear and bring to the training.
  2. Your staff should change into ‘training clothes’ before the training, and then change into ‘work clothes’ after the training, being mindful of contamination from the clothing you take off or put on.
  3. Your staff must bring warm clothing and extra layers as one easy way for your trainer to reduce risk is to create good ventilation in the training area, particularly by opening doors and windows to the outside air. This is likely to make the training area cooler, requiring warmer clothing.
  4. If your staff have long hair, they must tie it up or back during the training, as it may be a virus transmission hazard.
  5. Your staff should bring and use their own refreshments, including water bottle or snacks. Your staff should stay in the training room during breaks, unless it is possible to have the break outdoors, during which time they should minimise transmission risk as per government guidelines.
  6. Your staff should not bring non-essential items to the training area. There is no available space in your bubble to store these items. A suitable space is provided by you as the training host where you can store these items.


  1. Please ask staff to bring their own smartphone or tablet into the training area.
  2. Staff will be working in a Bubble. Please assign bubbles and inform staff who they will be working with.
  3. Each bubble will be assigned a socially-distant area of 5m x 5m in which to work. Please refer to the training area map below to see how we will lay out your training room.
  4. Each bubble will have its own Hand Sanitiser station,provided by Dynamis.
  5. Face masks are subject to government advice only in closed environments such as public transport (i.e. sealed vehicle spaces) and therefore are not seen as necessary in our open, well ventilated and socially-distanced / bubble training format.
  6. Learners may use face masks during training if they wish but they will be observed for safe use and disposal of the masks.
  7. Your Dynamis instructor will maintain social distance of 2m+ during the training. We have modified our training course so that we can use equipment, audio-visual resources (e.g. video clips) to provide demonstrations and augment verbal instruction. Your trainer will need access to audio-visual equipment (display screen or projector and screen) in order to facilitate this.
  8. Your Dynamis trainer will use a face mask if they need to breach the 2m distance for any reason.
  9. Drills and Exercises where learners are directly face to face have been eliminated in the training programme.  Instructors will devise training drills which encourage side-on and oblique entry methods which reduce face-to-face close contact, or use 2m+ distances to teach the concepts in the training.
  10. Your Dynamis Instructors will reduce contact time to the minimum necessary as a constant theme in the training, balancing the need for realism and experience in the training sessions.
  11. Dynamis Trainers will Anti-Bac the chairs in the training room before your staff use them. Please provide one chair per learner – plastic chairs are preferred over fabric chairs, for reasons of infection control/cleaning.
  12. Please prepare and inform the learners of any specific toileting protocols in place, or entry and exit protocols specific to the building.
  13. If a member of staff feels unwell during the training or starts to display symptoms, we will ask them to remove themselves from the training as soon as possible. Those who have trained with that person will be encouraged to go home, avoiding public transport if possible and follow the current guidelines. Management will be informed immediately.

Read the full Risk Assessment Here:

If you have any concerns about these instructions or your ability to follow them, please contact your course host or info@dynamis.training with any questions.