Elected Members Personal Safety Training

Enhancing Safety for Public Figures

“4 out of 5 MPs have experienced intrusive or aggressive behaviour.  Almost 1 in 5 MPs said they had been attacked or experienced an attempted attack.   Half of MPs who reported intrusion or aggression said they had been targeted in their homes.”

– FT.com

Goals of the Training:

  1. Raise personal safety awareness for persons in the public eye who work in the community
  2. Clarify appropriate Personal Safety Habits (“routes and routines”)
  3. Explore well-established formulas for Threat Assessment from contacts (social media, mail, telephone)
  4. Understand common profiles for persons who assault public figures (“who does this?” goals and aims)
  5. What to do to enhance safety in different contexts (1:1 meetings, public appearances etc.)
  6. Actions in the event of an assault occurring

Course Content for Councillors and Elected Members:

Upon completion of a training session, your attendees would explore the following personal safety learning points:

  • Set the context for the training (incidents:  Jo Cox, Stephen Timms, Nigel Jones, Andy Pennington)
  • Self-Awareness and the trouble with routines
  • Making high-stakes predictions
  • A model for predicting if a threatening contact is truly dangerous 
  • Promises and Threats
  • Pre-Incident Indicators: a model for spotting the danger in a meeting or interaction
  • Persistent Threatening Contact and the antidote to it
  • Responding to ‘fans’ who seek closer contact
  • Why Barring Orders are not the answer
  • What are the objectives of a person who assaults a public figure?
  • How to minimise value as a target of threatening attention
  • Sensible precautions to take for official public appearance
  • Sensible precautions to take for Lone Working meetings 
  • The Power of Intuition
  • Positioning, Body Language, Gaze, Attitudes for Safety
  • Actions on being assaulted:  pre-contact verbalisation strategies 
  • Actions on being assaulted:  physical strategies for survival or possible escape

The goals and learning outcomes above are based largely on a system of threat assessment which provides risk management and threat assessment and protection for exceptionally at-risk families and individuals.  At Dynamis, we have extracted the most pertinent advice and guidance from available material to create a training experience which will prove useful and practical to busy people.

Elements of our proposed training have been woven throughout our Personal Safety training for many years, however we endeavour to tailor this course for your members to give them maximum benefit.

We understand that your elected members are busy people!    This course could be delivered in brief over a half-day (3-hour) time-period however it could more comfortably sit within a longer timeframe.   We suggest that you survey your elected members and allocate a time-frame which is proportionate to the level of risk that they feel and amount of training which is appropriate to that.

When: 3 to 6 hours based on your identified needs and scheduled for your convenience

Who:  Groups of up to 12 staff are led by each Dynamis trainer (larger groups by request).

Where:  Training is held at your venue

How:  Our trainers deliver this course using a mix of lecture/presentation, Q&A, group task work and scenario case studies.

Why:  Matched to your needs     Led by Professional Trainers     Fully Risk-Assessed     Values Dignity and Respect     Safeguards rights     Offers Staff Practical Options      Value for Your Investment

Recommended Related Courses: Conflict Management or Personal Safety training, or both depending on your risk level.

Authorities Providing Personal Safety Training to their Councillors

Firstly, there are examples of local authorities providing personal safety training for their elected members around the country, following guidance from the Home Office about the safety of MPs.






Gavin DeBecker on how to deal with the persistent threatening contact:


Gavin Debecker on the Importance of Intuition

  • 2019 FEEDBACK SURVEY: The training course from Dynamis fulfilled or exceeded expectations 99.6% 99.6%
  • Our Dynamis instructor had a very good or excellent level of knowledge and competence 98.2% 98.2%
  • The theory and knowledge components helped me professionally 98.9% 98.9%
  • The techniques and tactics were appropriate to real scenarios in our work 98.6% 98.6%
  • Our Dynamis trainer observed good Health and Safety practices 100% 100%
  • The Dynamis training course was of the right duration to gain the skills and knowledge I needed 91.2% 91.2%

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