— In terms of dealing with sudden violence (and all violence, in the end, is sudden) wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball that would help us see it coming from a longer way off?    Well, experiments in sports science tell us that such a concept (at least) exists and can be trained – veteran tennis players can predict the placement of a serve far better than their novice counterparts, even when all they see is the first few hundredths of a second of the serve itself.

Its not that their eyes are better at seeing.  Simply, veteran performers get better at knowing what the relevant cues they should be looking for are – where they should be directing their attention to be able to respond to a stimulus effectively [].

If experience in looking for relevant cues speeds up reaction time, and as the identification of stimuli early is a marker for expert performance of skill, what exercises or drills are built into PMVA training which could help our learners to get better at seeing things sooner?    At Dynamis we have a bank of drills we use on our courses which specifically address this element of effective performance under pressure.

YouTube Video Series on Breakaway Skills:

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