SECOND CHANCES – I enjoyed a support Zoom call with one of our #school clients this morning. A very unpredictable 7 year old in one of our client’s mainstream schools has injured children and staff, sometimes causing hospitalisation. He runs off, climbs furniture and has left the school premises.


The child has had a rough start – #trauma#attachment issues, exposure to #domesticabuse. Diagnosed with #ADHD and mild #Autism.

He has been out of school for 8 weeks – excluded for causing injury.

The board of governors, SLT and committed staff team are going to give him another chance and today was a #behaviour planning meeting with me, which revolved around 5 core principles:

Modelling Calmness
Reducing Stimulation
Separating and Supporting
Adapting Communication and
Meeting Unmet Needs

We talked about changing the physical environment, about offsetting arrival times and places, about his need to have his own space, to see his own people, to be engaged with activities important to him and to be enabled to ‘fly’ when he needs to.

We talked about the need to stop him hurting himself or other people, when other strategies fail.

This team are going to give him the best-possible second chance, starting tomorrow.