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Conflict and Negotiation Training

Conflict and Negotiation Training for Frontline Teams

It’s Gerard O’Dea here at Dynamis. I’ve been here in Edinburgh today, where we’ve been working with a team who meet lots of stakeholders, both members of the public , members of activist organisations, members of local authorities and members of official departments.

We’ve been working with this team on developing their Conflict and Negotiation skills using the Vistelar conflict management program and particularly the non escalation and deescalation aspects of that. Now this team have been in some somewhat risky situations – they don’t see a lot of physical violence – but they do get into difficult Conflict and Negotiation situations and one of the first things that we worked on with them was what we call the Green Card which is all about “Treating people with dignity and showing them respect even when we disagree” with them or we’re having some kind of conflict.

We looked at the five approaches is to how show somebody respect and then we spent a lot of time this morning looking at empathy within Conflict for Frontline Teams.

We spent time trying to understand the people that we encounter, trying to understand their perspective, trying to see what their needs are and then anticipate what they might want from us in a particular encounter where there may be some conflict or a need to negotiate the best outcome under stressful circumstances

We then captured a bunch of the staff team’s common conflict flashpoints, so that we could then practice the tools that that were in the workbook and on their cards in real “In-vivo” Conflict and Negotiation scenarios. So we’ve been practicing all day the different ways that you can use these different tools to create safety, to bring resolution to situations, to be persuasive and influence the outcomes in these different encounters that might happen.

I don’t know if you can see in the room behind me in the video it was very busy, and we’re actually back in the room tomorrow to work even more on embedding these Conflict and Negotiation skills and making sure that the guys can use them when they go back into practice. I’ve had a great day at Edinburgh. I just thought I’d let you know all about it!

See more about Conflict and Negotiation Training for Frontline Teams:   www.dynamis.training/conflict-management

Trainer Courses in Conflict for Frontline Teams are rare but more information available at:  www.dynamis.training/vistelar

Here is a great podcast about conflict management


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