SCENA Train-the-Trainer

SCENA is a scenario-driven and task-focused approach to Maximising Training Effectiveness.

A collaboration between Loughborough University and Dynamis Training.

March 22, 2023

Distressed Behaviours in Care Homes – what are the risks?We have met hundreds of care home staff in our training sessions, and this article aims to clarify some of the issues related to managing aggression and violence with older people, or vulnerable adults in care. We recently received gratitude from a client company that achieved a (read more)

February 14, 2023

A stalker at work – what can we do? table of contents 1Why would an employer offer personal protection training to an individual employee?What behaviour counts as stalking?2Health and Safety issues of a stalker at workFour warning signs that behaviour is ‘stalking’:What are the challenges for people who are being stalked and harassed?3What’s the most (read more)

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