SCENA Train-the-Trainer

SCENA is a scenario-driven and task-focused approach to Maximising Training Effectiveness.

A collaboration between Loughborough University and Dynamis Training.

November 6, 2020

Customised Trainer Development for YOUR service could create meaningful change like this. The inspectors confirmed: “a significant reduction in physical intervention. They loved the service-user-specific training needs. They loved the new training package and had very positive feedback from the staff who report they now feel more confident and competent in their practice” We were (read more)

September 12, 2020

Dynamis Training offers a physical intervention programme for Healthcare Security Officers (HCSO) which provides: -a fundamental legal underpinning knowledge of the principles for effective decision-making -appropriate physical skills which are adaptable across the spectrum of subject categories which an officer can encounter -sufficient scenario-based practice and immersion which effectively builds the required skills for this (read more)

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