Communication Skills

Conflict De-Escalation

Personal Safety Skills

Safe Caring

Physical Interventions

Lone Worker Safety

Managing Behaviour

Higher-Risk Contexts

Values-driven and Evidence-based Training

Dynamis is an ICM Quality Award Centre (QAC#2201) for the delivery of Workplace Violence Prevention Training.  We tailor our Conflict Management, De-Escalation, Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training courses for your context and the unique safety requirements and ethos of your service, enabling your team to improve their practice for the prevention and management of violence and aggression.  We help your  team to manage the entire spectrum of conflict, from simple communication to complex crisis.  The approach we teach your staff combines verbalisation skills for de-escalation of conflict with appropriate, last-resort physical alternatives.  

PMVA Conflict De-Escalation Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training

Conflict Management

Ensure that clients are treated with Dignity and Shown Respect

Foster an atmosphere of non-escalation through social contracts

Generate Voluntary Collaboration, Cooperation or Compliance

Encourage consistent Initial Contacts, Empathy and Persuasion in your interactions

Improve Safety through De-Escalation Skills

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Lone Worker Safety

Risk Awareness for Community Working
Safe Working Practices and Risk Assessment
De-escalation Tactics for High-Risk Encounters
Fear Management and Decision-Making
Body Language, Positioning and Escape Routes
Improve Safety when Working Alone

Self-Protection and Breakaway

Managing Proximity and Body Language Signals
Understanding the principles of Reasonable Force
The Duty of Reasonable Care
Risk Awareness in Violent Confrontations
Reflexive Movement for Breakaway and Disengagement
Survival, Reversal and Escape tactics
Improve Safety by Disengaging

Physical Intervention and Restraint

Teamwork and Communication during incidents
Safe Approach and Verbal Persuasion
Control tactics, Restraint and Immobilisation of a resistant subject
Standing, Seated, Kneeling and Floor considerations and risks
How to minimise or avoid Risks of Restraint Sudden Death
Improve Safety with Teamwork

PMVA Conflict De-Escalation Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training for Working with Adults…


Looking after older people in care environments is becoming an increasingly complex task, with issues of mental ill-health, dementia, capacity, deprivation of liberty and restraint causing care home managers to wrestle with new challenges.  Our courses help care homes by training staff in robust decision-making frameworks and giving them a range of tools and approaches to increase safety and promote dignity in these services.

Our Safe Caring course improves staff personal safety and gives them new ways, both verbal and physical, of working in close proximity with unpredictable clients who may be distressed or confused.

Our Safe Holding course is designed to enable staff with physical intervention and clinical holding methods which are appropriate and effective in delivering compassionate care to distressed older people in their services who sometimes resist care interventions or who present dangerous behaviour  > >  Safe Holding


We have significant experience of helping teams in Mental Health care and Brain Injury Rehabilitation services to deal with the complex nature of their work in relation to managing aggression, distressed behaviour and violence.

The emphasis in modern practice is to have staff who are focussed on non-physical methods of dealing with challenging behaviour. We encourage services to have courses of training which emphasise and ‘mesh’ the non-physical skills with the physical skills across 3 major domains of development with your teams: Conflict and Compassionate Care , Personal Safety and Breakaway and Physical Intervention

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Hospital Safety and Security

At Dynamis we have extensive experience of working with hospitals and with departments in creating environments which are both safe and secure, in the face of rising demand for emergency services and increasingly complex psychiatric and mental health or substance abuse cases.

Our blended programmes of non-escalation, conflict de-escalation, individual personal safety and team-based interventions and clinical holding skills can be rolled out as appropriate to individual hospital needs and requirements.

Reducing the incidence of these types of interactions in the hospital setting is primary, and is supported by a robust set of training programmes in different domains which address the various areas where conflict starts, and the various ways in which the distressed visitor, patient or relative may need to be appropriately dealt with by showing them dignity and respect at all times.

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Dynamis – PMVA Conflict De-Escalation Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training

Lone Working and Community Outreach

Choose this course if your staff team work away from a fixed base or far from other colleagues who could help them in an emergency. Many Social Work Home Care teams, Care-in-the-Community workers, Housing Officers and their colleagues and Visiting Support teams need this training to help them deal with the unique issues of working alone in the community with sometimes volatile clients or on sometimes unsafe streets.  This course blends aspects of our Conflict Management de-escalation programme, our Personal Safety and Disengagement programme and our unique Lone Worker content which is the focus of our published 200-page book about Lone Worker Personal Safety for Health and Social Care Workers

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Dynamis – PMVA Conflict De-Escalation Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training

Working with Children…


Our Positive Handling course which runs over a full day is well-established and has an excellent track-record of helping both mainstream and special schools to deal with incidents of managing extreme behaviours from distressed children in their settings.  Based on national level guidance and legislation, we teach your staff how to make robust decisions and create safety from risky situations in a pragmatic and appropriate way.

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For many years we have provided our training services to Children’s Homes where very often the requirement is for a full programme of:

– Conflict and Positive Behaviour Management

– Personal Safety and Breakaway/Disengagement

– Physical Intervention Care and Control

A comprehensive programme of 3 skill-domains is best delivered over 3 days, especially in environments where there is an elevated risk because of emotional and behavioural difficulties, learning disability or autism.  The course develops your staff team’s ability to communicate with each other and with the child effectively, while keeping themselves safe and then working well as a team where any holding or control of the child becomes necessary.

We address all legislative and national or regulatory guidance relating to the care of children on this course, including the National Children’s Homes Guidance, the Children Act, Common and Criminal law, Health and Safety law and the impact of Human Rights legislation, giving your team a robust decision-making framework.

– Dynamis – PMVA Conflict De-Escalation Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training


Over the years at Dynamis we have helped many groups of Foster Carers and Adopters with the unique challenges which are prevalent in looking after children and young people who they look after.

We have a specific one-day course which we have refined over the years to help Parents in Fostering or Adoption contexts to make the best possible decisions about maintaining their client’s safety, about dealing with challenging or risky behaviours and about making plans to keep themselves and their families safe.

Our Fostering course blends aspects of our Conflict Management de-escalation programme, our Personal Safety and Disengagement programme and our Holding and Control programme into a one-day course which, in a short space of time, imparts useful ideas and skills which can be put to use immediately.

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Customised PMVA Conflict De-Escalation Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training for your team…


Although much of our work is in the Healthcare, Social Care and Community Safety/Security fields, we are often asked by clients to develop specific customised courses to deal with the exact nature of the problems they face in their work.

Our trainers have wide experience in designing and developing customised conflict management, physical intervention and personal safety courses for a variety of clients in a range of sectors.

Some examples of work we have carried out:

Financial Services Customer Services  Lone Worker Personal Safety and Risk Assessment facilitation workshops.

Hospital Emergency Department   Violence Audit, Training Needs analysis and Cross-Cultural issues in Conflict Management (report).

Local Authority Parking Attendants  Confrontation Management & Assault Prevention programme.

Local Community Safety Wardens  Personal Safety, Physical Intervention, Knife and Edged Weapon Awareness programme.

National Retail Services Company  Nationwide Lone Worker Cash Transport & Theft Prevention training programme.

Prison Service  Breakaway/Self-Defence Modernisation Project

Utilising our unique behavioural approach and solid legislative understanding, we design and develop training programmes which are relevant, appropriate and effective:

  • a universal nine-tier model of  dealing with aggression and violence.
  • a behavioural ‘human factors’ approach to understanding confrontation psychology and physiology in order to develop reliable risk-controls, skills and tactics.
  • evidencing our recommendations wherever possible by documenting our research and advice with established scientific or legal principles.

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Our clients said this about our PMVA Conflict De-Escalation Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training in 2018:

  • 2018 FEEDBACK SURVEY: The training course from Dynamis fulfilled or exceeded expectations 98.1% 98.1%
  • Our Dynamis instructor had a very good or excellent level of knowledge and competence 97.4% 97.4%
  • The theory and knowledge components helped me professionally 99.6% 99.6%
  • The techniques and tactics were appropriate to real scenarios in our work 97.3% 97.3%
  • Our Dynamis trainer observed good Health and Safety practices 99.4% 99.4%
  • The Dynamis training course was of the right duration to gain the skills and knowledge I needed 89.9% 89.9%
PMVA Conflict De-Escalation Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training