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Since 2006 we have responded to client needs in varying sectors by applying universal principles of conflict management and personal safety while making sure our approach is relevant and appropriate.

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When we respond to special requests...

Scottish Prison Service :: Content

The SPS wanted input from specialists on how they could modernise the self-defence training taught to staff.

Knife & Edged Weapon :: Course

A local authority enforcement team responded to high-risk incidents which were ocurring by improving the awareness and ability respond of their officers.

Emergency Department :: Audit

A week-long observation, audit and report-submission about the causes of and flashpoints for conflict in a very large Emergency Department.

Elected Officials :: Custom Course

A UK Local Authority wanted to address the safety concerns of a group of their elected members during a period of high political tension.

Leasing Services :: Staff Safety

The vehicle leasing team from a high-street bank wanted to improve the safety of its Customer Service Representatives when chasing non-payment.

Cash in Transit

A leading company in the services sector was being targeted by criminal elements and needed to improve Personal Safety Awareness for their drivers.

Our Partners and Accreditation

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Member of The Institute of

Conflict Management

Dynamis is a Quality Award Centre with the ICM, a recognised accrediting body in the U.K. for workplace training in the prevention and management of workplace violence.

Healthcare Myth 2: If I Say Something It Will Make Things Worse 2

European partner for Vistelar

Dynamis is the premier European Partner for Vistelar, a global consulting organisation covering training across the entire spectrum of human conflict.

Personal Safety Trainer 35

Regional representative for 9 Attitudes behavioural tactics

Dynamis represents the 9 Attitudes system, a fully behavioural approach to self-protection and physical control which is based on the observable realities of physical confrontation.

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July 8, 2021

“During the visit, the untrained Options employee was left alone in a kitchen with the individual despite a care plan stating that the resident, whose violence and aggression had been clearly identified, required the attendance of two care workers at all times. Whilst the employee was unaccompanied, the resident crossed the kitchen and stabbed the (read more)

June 10, 2021

The new trainer team for this service began rolling out their own programme (a four-day, full-spectrum course for their LD/MH setting) to their staff in October.   By December, they had seen dramatic reductions in key indicators such as time-in-restraint, floor-based-restraints and number-of-restraints for their high-frequency service users.  “The amount of time we are spending in (read more)

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