Create A Conflict-Ready Workplace

We help teams in a wide variety of sectors.

Since 2006 we have responded to client needs in varying sectors by applying universal principles of conflict management and personal safety while making sure our approach is relevant and appropriate.

  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Social Care and Citizen Services
  • Public-Facing Companies
  • Schools and Education
  • International Projects

Examples of our Clients and Services

Hospitals andHealthcare




International Projects

Law Enforcement / Security Projects

  • UK College of Policing
  • Scottish Prison Service College
  • Scottish Prison Service College
  • UAE Critical National Infrastructure (CNIA) Response [SWAT]
  • City Enforcement Teams (Hackney, Peterborough)
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When we respond to special requests...

Scottish Prison Service :: Content

The SPS wanted input from specialists on how they could modernise the self-defence training taught to staff.

Knife & Edged Weapon :: Course

A local authority enforcement team responded to high-risk incidents which were occurring by improving the awareness and ability respond of their officers.

Leasing Services :: Staff Safety

The vehicle leasing team from a high-street bank wanted to improve the safety of its Customer Service Representatives when chasing non-payment.

Emergency Department :: Audit

A week-long observation, audit and report-submission about the causes of and flashpoints for conflict in a very large Emergency Department.

Elected Officials :: Custom Course

A UK Local Authority wanted to address the safety concerns of a group of their elected members during a period of high political tension.

Cash in Transit

A leading company in the services sector was being targeted by criminal elements and needed to improve Personal Safety Awareness for their drivers.


Our client team is waiting to hear from you right now, to have a Talk About Training and how you can Create a Conflict-Ready Workplace

Our Partners and Accreditation


Dynamis is a Quality Award Centre with the ICM, a recognised accrediting body in the U.K. for workplace training in the prevention and management of workplace violence.

Healthcare Myth 2: If I Say Something It Will Make Things Worse 2



Dynamis is the premier European Partner for Vistelar, a global consulting organisation covering training across the entire spectrum of human conflict.


Dynamis represents the 9 Attitudes system, a fully behavioural approach to self-protection and physical control which is based on the observable realities of physical confrontation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the training carried out?

Usually the training venue will be our client's responsibility and full details of this are made clear around the time of booking so that you know what we are going to need to give your people the best possible experience of training with our team.

We have often helped our clients to source appropriate training venues, where that assistance was requested!

Due to the nature of our training approach, we often require a good-sized training room which has the capacity for your team to move around in and in which we can set up scenarios which are as close as we can get them to real-world applications of the material we teach your people.

What is the investment in training?

Our training costs are often calculated on a per-day basis and directly related to the Needs Analysis which we carry out with you.

We are constantly working to make sure that the investment level is reasonable and competitive.

We generally ask for an investment which takes into account the type of content we are going to work on with your staff, the numbers of staff involved, the risk level of the encounters they engage in and the number of days of training which will be required to get your people up to the proper standard.

We are VAT registered and all pricing sent to you is 'plus VAT at the prevailing rate'.

We also charge travel expenses which you should discuss with our training advisor so that these are as clear as possible as you book in your training course.

How quickly can I book training to happen?

Our training advisor is waiting to have a call with you to discuss your timelines and preferred schedule. We generally book training 4-6 weeks out from today, however we always have been able to respond to clients who need training 'as soon as possible' when urgent needs pop up. The sooner we talk with you, the sooner we can get the training in place!

How many people can attend a training course?

There are numerous formats which we use to deliver training with your team, whether it be a large group or a smaller team. We know that the best group sizes for learning depend on the complexity of the material to be covered, the amount of time we have with your people and also the constraints you may be working with in your budget and resources. Most of our clients put 12-16 people in our less-physically demanding training courses, and often fewer people than this into our more demanding courses. Let's talk about the best solution for your needs....

Is Dynamis training Accredited?

Dynamis has attained the respected Quality Award Centre status (QAC #2201) with the Institute for Conflict Management (ICM), demonstrating our commitment to quality assurance and strict adherence to the most recent guidance on the management and prevention of workplace conflict.  All our trainers are fully qualified and attend CPD development on a regular basis in accordance with ICM requirements.

Is the training suitable for my staff and my context?

Our goal is that you see a tremendous improvement in your team's ability to prevent and manage difficult encounters with the people in your service, so we focus on making sure that each training session with your people feels directly connected to their everyday work and is compliant with the relevant guidance which governs it.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied by the training we deliver for your team, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Gerard O'Dea