Preventing Unnecessary Conflict through active Non-Escalation

Treating People with Dignity by Showing them Respect

Creating Safe Workplaces through Empathy and Influence

De-Escalation of Conflict Flashpoints and Crisis Moments

A rare opportunity to certify

your training team with Vistelar’s

Conflict Management and Crisis Intervention

Train-the-Trainer Programme in the UK.

5-day Course starts on June 29th (TBC)








Helping you to Deliver Effective Conflict Reduction

Safely Prevent and Manage Conflict

We help Organisations and Teams to address the issues of upset, abusive or violent clients who interact with their service.

Our clients often feel that their staff are in unsafe situations, that their organisation has to address that risk.

Organisational Values, Professional Careers, Individual Relationships and Personal Wellbeing can all be vulnerable to the effects of abuse, intimidation, aggression and violence.

Teams who take on this training programme want their staff to feel and be safer, and their organisation and their own career to be protected from the adverse effects of an incident of violence and aggression which could have been prevented.



Our clients gain the peace-of-mind that they have provided the most effective (evidence-based) and suitable (scenario-specific and performance-oriented) training for their staff, preparing them for high-risk encounters. They know that the training will weather scrutiny when the inevitable adverse event calls on their preparedness and responsibility. 

We provide that confidence.

  • An Accredited Quality Award Centre with the ICM (#2201)
  • Specialist Input from a University Professor of Coaching and Pedagogy
  • All programmes audited and vetted by a qualified Expert Witness on Violence/Conflict
  • Over 15,000 staff trained in 15 Years of Coaching and Advising
  • World-class client-management and learner-satisfaction ratings.



The Benefits of Working with Dynamis

Organisations suffer indirect financial losses when teams lose good employees because they don’t feel safe at work and go to find a workplace where they can feel safer.  Often it is the real dedicated staff who want to ‘do their job’ who leave first.

Our training can save your team the loss of a good employee who feels their workplace is unsafe for them, professionally or personally.

The direct financial losses happen when a staff member or someone your team interact with is injured physically or emotionally/psychologically in a case which becomes litigious, costing the company in lost time, professional advice and ultimately compensation.

Our training can save your team time, energy and money by preventing litigation for issues of non-compliance or failure in duty-of-care, while safeguarding your organisation’s reputation and brand value. 

Emotionally and Physically, the cost of an adverse encounter which turns aggressive or violent is deep, can be long-term and can destroy team bonds, professional collaboration, dedication and employee motivation, not to mention the effect on the person’s family, relationships and work effectiveness.

Our training can protect your team from loss of motivation, breakdown in staff collaboration and poor productivity in the face of an unsafe workplace, which also effects employee wellbeing overall.

The effect of an unsafe workplace on the ability of a team to ‘work to their values’ can crush the whole intent and focus of an organisation, be it to provide ‘compassionate care’ or ‘a safe and secure place of learning’ or ‘the improvement of lives.  Violence has a way of turning teams inward and self-oriented unless the atmosphere is supportive.

Our training can strengthen your organisational values by supporting your team’s focus on the ultimate reason for your work.

The core philosophy of our programme is to treat people with dignity by showing them respect and your team learn – specifically, in live training replications – exactly how to do this, even when under pressures created by volatile and potentially dangerous situations.

This training helps any person who, in their job, encounter people who: become difficult to work with, or distressed because they are overwhelmed in that moment, or sometimes even dangerous to themselves or others around them.

Your team learns how to manage difficult, distressed or dangerous people in their workplace in the most effective and professional way possible,

The aim is to keep everyone safe, verbally if we can, physically only if it is an absolute last resort.

Preventing Conflict through active training in Non-Escalation, De-Escalation and Crisis Interventions.




We help organisations facing conflict and violence risk by improving staff safety through preventing adverse encounters where possible and managing high-risk incidents professionally when they happen, by giving staff practical evidence-based skills and achieving better outcomes in their workplace safety, along with improved staff retention, more satisfied clients, smoother inspection compliance and protection for their values, reputation and brand value.



Vistelar addresses the entire spectrum of human conflict at the point of impact — from before an interaction begins through to the consequences of how an interaction is managed.

In the UK, Dynamis trains “contact professionals” using the Vistelar conflict management programme and organisational teams who want to improve their performance and reduce the likelihood of workplace violence by better managing conflict.


Using our proprietary Emotionally Safe Performance-Driven Instruction methodology, instructors learn how to train their staff using Fire Drills (scenario-based) rather than Fire Talks (lecture-based).

It is not enough to “know how” to do the right thing, must “practice” doing the right thing under pressure.

Your team must develop the same psycho-motor abilities for their verbal skills as they have developed for their other professional skills.

VDI for Public Transport Services

All of Vistelar’s programs are are grounded in academic research and real-world application. The principles taught have been synthesized into a structured framework that makes course material easy to learn, remember and apply — and simple to teach.

Feedback from Alex Hunter – experienced security industry trainer and a specialist in communication skills and care planning for children with autism/special needs.

Vistelar in Education settings (video)

Vistelar in Public Service / Public Transport services (video)

Vistelar in Healthcare and Hospital services (video)

Vistelar in Utilities and Engineering services (video)

Vistelar in Police and Security services (video)