Conflict Management Train-the-Trainer

Teach your people effective conflict prevention skills.

Your organisation will benefit from reduced incidences of conflict and staff will feel safer and more confident to manage encounters which escalate.

Hundreds of safer clients

Hospitals and





Helping you to deliver effective conflict management training.

You want to be able to deliver training in conflict management skills which

  • engages your learners in developing new skills
  • makes your organisation safer with fewer adverse incidents
  • creates confidence in your staff team to handle difficult encounters
  • reduces the number of encounters which escalate
  • treats vulnerable people in crisis with tact and sensitivity
  • improves safety for everyone who touches your organisation 
  • Safely Prevent and Manage Conflict

    We help Organisations and Teams to address the issues of upset, abusive or violent clients who interact with their service.

    Our clients often feel that their staff are in unsafe situations, that their organisation has to address that risk.

    Organisational Values, Professional Careers, Individual Relationships and Personal Wellbeing can all be vulnerable to the effects of abuse, intimidation, aggression and violence.

    Teams who take on this training programme want their staff to feel and be safer, and their organisation and their own career to be protected from the adverse effects of an incident of violence and aggression which could have been prevented.

    Peace of Mind for your Organisation

    Our clients gain the peace-of-mind that they have provided the most effective (evidence-based) and suitable (scenario-specific and performance-oriented) training for their staff, preparing them for high-risk encounters. They know that the training will weather scrutiny when the inevitable adverse event calls on their preparedness and responsibility. 

    We provide that confidence.

    • An Accredited Quality Award Centre with the ICM (#2201)
    • Specialist Input from a University Professor of Coaching and Pedagogy
    • All programmes audited and vetted by a qualified Expert Witness on Violence/Conflict
    • Over 15,000 staff trained in 15 Years of Coaching and Advising
    • World-class client-management and learner-satisfaction ratings.

    Benefits of Conflict Management Training

    Organisations suffer indirect financial losses when teams lose good employees because they don’t feel safe at work and go to find a workplace where they can feel safer.  Often it is the real dedicated staff who want to ‘do their job’ who leave first.

    Dynamis Conflict Management training can save your team the loss of a good employee who feels their workplace is unsafe for them, professionally or personally.

    The direct financial losses happen when a staff member or someone your team interact with is injured physically or emotionally/psychologically in a case which becomes litigious, costing the company in lost time, professional advice and ultimately compensation.

    Dynamis Conflict Management  training can save your team time, energy and money by preventing litigation for issues of non-compliance or failure in duty-of-care, while safeguarding your organisation’s reputation and brand value. 

    Emotionally and Physically, the cost of an adverse encounter which turns aggressive or violent is deep, can be long-term and can destroy team bonds, professional collaboration, dedication and employee motivation, not to mention the effect on the person’s family, relationships and work effectiveness.

    Dynamis Conflict Management  training can protect your team from loss of motivation, breakdown in staff collaboration and poor productivity in the face of an unsafe workplace, which also effects employee wellbeing overall.

    The effect of an unsafe workplace on the ability of a team to ‘work to their values’ can crush the whole intent and focus of an organisation, be it to provide ‘compassionate care’ or ‘a safe and secure place of learning’ or ‘the improvement of lives.  Violence has a way of turning teams inward and self-oriented unless the atmosphere is supportive.

    Dynamis Conflict Management  training can strengthen your organisational values by supporting your team’s focus on the ultimate reason for your work.

    Core Philosophy for Managing Conflict

    The core philosophy of our programme is to treat people with dignity by showing them respect and your team learn – specifically, in live training replications – exactly how to do this, even when under pressures created by volatile and potentially dangerous situations.

    This training helps any person who, in their job, encounter people who: become difficult to work with, or distressed because they are overwhelmed in that moment, or sometimes even dangerous to themselves or others around them.

    Your team learns how to manage difficult, distressed or dangerous people in their workplace in the most effective and professional way possible,

    The aim is to keep everyone safe, verbally if we can, physically only if it is an absolute last resort.

    We will teach you to deliver
    evidence-based training

    High Staff Engagement

    Because of the immediate relevance your staff see in your course design and delivery, they are engaged, motivated and Energized during and after the training.

    Better Transfer to the Workplace

    Because sessions are all driven by your own scenarios, issues and challenges with the people you meet in your work, it has immediate relevance and transfers directly to your day-to-day workplace.

    Time Well


    Your teams get many, many opportunities to learn and practice their new skills during 'countless reps' of the target skills, actively learning in every session. There doesn't need to be endless powerpoints!

    Measurable Change Happens

    With highly targeted new skills, your teams can make measurable changes to their interactions and truly realise your organisation's safety ethos, focussing on dignity and respect, safety and wellbeing.


    Director Of Training At Dynamis

    Hi and thanks for visiting our website today.

    In over 15 years of working with frontline staff who face difficult, distressed and dangerous behaviour, i have seen time and again how prepared staff can perform well and respond to challenging circumstances.

    From teachers to nurses, teaching and care assistants to security officers in our hospitals and social workers in the community, if you deal with people every day, managing conflict becomes a necessity.

    I became involved in this work because i saw the power of training and preparation in helping people to stay safe at work and to be more successful in working with their colleagues to create better outcomes.

    I and my team of professional trainers now teach in over 200 training engagements every year around the uk and internationally for a wide variety of public-facing organizations just like yours.

    We have sought out the best conflict management training content and the best learning methods in the world and bring them together for you and your team.

    Our Partners and Accreditation


    Dynamis is a Quality Award Centre with the ICM, a recognised accrediting body in the U.K. for workplace training in the prevention and management of workplace violence.

    Healthcare Myth 2: If I Say Something It Will Make Things Worse 2



    Dynamis is the premier European Partner for Vistelar, a global consulting organisation covering training across the entire spectrum of human conflict.


    Dynamis represents the 9 Attitudes system, a fully behavioural approach to self-protection and physical control which is based on the observable realities of physical confrontation.


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    Join Over 3,000 Happy Customers

    What our customers are saying:

    Best Course I have attended in the NHS...

    “This was by far the best course I’ve attended in the NHS. Fit for purpose, current, relevant and extremely well delivered. 10/10 for delivery, professionalism and structure.”

    ANDY W. // Security Management Specialist

    Made it Relevant...

    “Very good training, and great effort to make it relevant for the type of conflict and situation we face. Excellent Trainer – 10//10”

    MICHAELA G. // Community Engagement Officer

    Tailored to situations we actually face...

    “Gerard was a great teacher, he was very knowledgeable and friendly. He tailored the training to situations we might actually find ourselves in which I found incredibly useful.”

    Louise C. // Homeless Shelter Support Worker


    I left feeling confident that I could safely apply the techniques I had been shown and know when to use them. Since completing this training another member of staff and I who where both on the course have been able to safely escort a child, whom we have previously struggled and felt unsure/ unsafe with escorting when dis-regulated back in to the school building safety. We were both on the same page as were the other members of staff who witnessed the incident (and were also present for the training that day) and this greatly helped us to safely bring the child back in to school. I would like to once again give my thanks to the team who came in to teach us that day. They were both amazing!

    Classroom Teacher // Blossom House School March 2020.

    Grab a coffee and speak to our training advisor.

    With over 15 years of experience working with clients, we are confident that we can gain an understanding of your issues, resources, timeframes and budget quickly and soon propose a training plan which fits your needs.

    How to Organize Training Painlessly!


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    • For Public Services

    • For Policing

    Vistelar Conflict Management for Schools

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the training carried out?

    Usually the training venue will be our client's responsibility and full details of this are made clear around the time of booking so that you know what we are going to need to give your people the best possible experience of training with our team.

    We have often helped our clients to source appropriate training venues, where that assistance was requested!

    Due to the nature of our training approach, we often require a good-sized training room which has the capacity for your team to move around in and in which we can set up scenarios which are as close as we can get them to real-world applications of the material we teach your people.

    What is the investment in training?

    Our training costs are often calculated on a per-day basis and directly related to the Needs Analysis which we carry out with you.

    We are constantly working to make sure that the investment level is reasonable and competitive.

    We generally ask for an investment which takes into account the type of content we are going to work on with your staff, the numbers of staff involved, the risk level of the encounters they engage in and the number of days of training which will be required to get your people up to the proper standard.

    We are VAT registered and all pricing sent to you is 'plus VAT at the prevailing rate'.

    We also charge travel expenses which you should discuss with our training advisor so that these are as clear as possible as you book in your training course.

    How quickly can I book training to happen?

    Our training advisor is waiting to have a call with you to discuss your timelines and preferred schedule. We generally book training 4-6 weeks out from today, however we always have been able to respond to clients who need training 'as soon as possible' when urgent needs pop up. The sooner we talk with you, the sooner we can get the training in place!

    How many people can attend a training course?

    There are numerous formats which we use to deliver training with your team, whether it be a large group or a smaller team. We know that the best group sizes for learning depend on the complexity of the material to be covered, the amount of time we have with your people and also the constraints you may be working with in your budget and resources. Most of our clients put 12-16 people in our less-physically demanding training courses, and often fewer people than this into our more demanding courses. Let's talk about the best solution for your needs....

    Is Dynamis training Accredited?

    Dynamis has attained the respected Quality Award Centre status (QAC #2201) with the Institute for Conflict Management (ICM), demonstrating our commitment to quality assurance and strict adherence to the most recent guidance on the management and prevention of workplace conflict.  All our trainers are fully qualified and attend CPD development on a regular basis in accordance with ICM requirements.

    Is the training suitable for my staff and my context?

    Our goal is that you see a tremendous improvement in your team's ability to prevent and manage difficult encounters with the people in your service, so we focus on making sure that each training session with your people feels directly connected to their everyday work and is compliant with the relevant guidance which governs it.


    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied by the training we deliver for your team, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

    Gerard O'Dea