Restraint and Physical Interventions Training

We train your team in last-resort protective physical interventions.

  • Based on shared values of Dignity and Respect
  • Medically Risk Assessed and Legally Audited
  • Lower-Risk options for Vulnerable Persons
  • Restrictive options for Higher Risk Contexts

Please note that we do NOT deliver 'open' training
for individuals who are not currently employed with a service.

Our restraint and physical intervention clients:

Hospitals and Healthcare

Local Government Authorities

Child and Education Settings

Modern approaches to Restraint Training  - Protective interventions since 2006

Dynamis Protective Physical Interventions (Restraint) Training is founded on a set of values as follows:

  1. Every person we meet will be treated with Dignity and will be shown Respect, even during a difficult encounter where we may disagree with their choices - and always where there is physical danger.
  2. We will keep everyone around us safe - verbally whenever we can, using our Non-Escalation and De-Escalation tactics, but physically if we absolutely must.

Dementia and Restraint

Our Safe Caring and Safe Holding courses provide your staff with habits and procedures which help them to work in close proximity with older people who can present with unpredictable or distressed behaviours.

Mental Health Transport and Restraint

Our Secure Transport training is a flagship course as it incorporates so many different elements of restraint reduction, conflict management and high-risk elements, making it one of our most comprehensive courses.

Hospital Security and Restraint

Our HCSO and Hospital Violence Reduction courses provide a full-spectrum of response-ability across the wide range of encounter types they may experience in the hospital environment, from low-risk through to higer-risk incidents, including more-restrictive interventions and clinical holding situations.

Care of Children

Our experiences with the care of children covers schools, foster care, therapeutic parenting, looked-after children in care homes and is therefore both broad and deep, based on an understanding of the Adverse Childhood Experience, the effects of Trauma and the specific challenges staff face when a child is distressed.

Can we adapt our Restraint Training for different environments and contexts?

Please note that we do NOT deliver 'open' training
for individuals who are not currently employed with a service.

Feedback from Learners About Our Training


Course Met or Exceeded Expectations


Trainer Was Very Good or Excellent


Training was Relevant and Appropriate

Your team learn in a scenario-driven 'mesh'

Because of our unique physical intervention training methodology which progresses understanding, decision-making and skills together and in-context, your team will learn restraint skills and understanding which will more-easily transfer to your workplace and make it safer for everyone.

Communication Skills

Your teams will model and practice appropriate verbal skills for preventing and de-escalating conflict.

Legal Rules for Restrictive Practice

Your team will reflect on the legal basis for their actions, assisting in effective reporting.

Behaviour Awareness

Your team will develop their awareness of behaviour cues and the ways in which situations can trigger distress, anger or emotional disturbance.

Teamwork during incidents

Your team will have to work together to solve problems, learning along the way how to think and to communicate as a team.


Your team will be challenged to develop personal safety habits and perform robust, appropriate physical intervention and self-protection tactics in many different scenarios.

Restraint Reduction Principles

Your team will be challenged to embody restraint-reduction principles in each scenario they work through.

Risk Awareness

Every restraint carries risk, so your team must learn how to navigate options and reduce the risk of adverse outcomes through serious injury or death.

Holding Skills

Your team will develop flexible skills to perform safe holding, control or restraint appropriately to the level of risk and the vulnerability of the person they engage with. All physical interventions carry risk and these must be controlled and reduced even in dynamic situations.

Grab a coffee and speak to our training advisor.

With over 15 years of experience working with clients, we are confident that we can gain an understanding of your issues, resources, timeframes and budget quickly and soon propose a training plan which fits your needs.

Please note that we do NOT deliver 'open' training
for individuals who are not currently employed with a service.

How to...

Organise Restraint Training Painlessly

Our Process


Book your free discussion about training needs.

Every organisation is unique and so you need a unique training course. Our free training needs assessment is a 30-minute process where we identify the risks your staff face and the training solutions you need.


We formulate a relavant and beneficial Training Course.

Having understood the needs of your organisation we will create a bespoke training course tailored to your conflict flashpoints, issues and incident profile.


Your Staff experience engaging and effective training.

We will conduct your training course using our unique scenario-driven approach which ensures high transfer of learned judgement, knowledge and skills to your workplace.. 


You experience a safer more confident workplace

You will be delighted to watch your staff professionally dealing with and preventing conflict situations and responding to the risk of physical violence confidently and appropriately to create safety in your service.

Please note that we do NOT deliver 'open' training
for individuals who are not currently employed with a service.

The power of evidence-based training

High Staff Engagement

Because of the immediate relevance your staff see in our course design and delivery, they are engaged, motivated and energised during and after the training.

Better Transfer to the Workplace

Because sessions are all driven by your own scenarios, issues and challenges with the people you meet in your work, it has immediate relevance and transfers directly to your day-to-day workplace.

 "Time Well Spent"

Your teams get many, many opportunities to learn and practice their new skills during 'countless reps' of the target skills, actively learning in every session. There are no boring powerpoints!

Measurable Change Happens

With highly targeted new skills, your teams can make measurable changes to their interactions and truly realise your organisation's safety ethos, focussing on dignity and respect, safety and wellbeing.

Gerard O'Dea  //  Director of Training at Dynamis

Hi and thanks for visiting our webpage today.

In over 15 years of working with frontline staff who face difficult, distressed and dangerous behaviour, I have seen time and again how prepared staff can perform well and respond to challenging circumstances.

From teachers to nurses, teaching and care assistants to security officers in our hospitals and social workers in the community, if you deal with people every day, managing conflict becomes a necessity.

I became involved in this work because I saw the power of training and preparation in helping people to stay safe at work and to be more successful in working with their colleagues to create better outcomes.

I and my team of professional trainers now teach in over 200 training engagements every year around the UK and internationally for a wide variety of public-facing organisations just like yours.

We have sought out the best conflict management training content and the best learning methods  in the world and bring them together for you and your team.

Gerard O'Dea

Join Over 3,000 Happy Customers

Best Course I have attended in the NHS...

“This was by far the best course I’ve attended in the NHS. Fit for purpose, current, relevant and extremely well delivered.  10/10 for delivery, professionalism and structure.”

Andy W.  //  Security Management Specialist

Informative and Enjoyable...

“A very professionally run training course, Gerard was a very knowledgeable and relaxed instructor who put the group at ease and made the day both informative and enjoyable.”

Stephen B.  // Ambulance Care Assistant

What our customers are saying:

Brought in real life situations...

"I was very nervous about this training but it was a great environment and he made us feel at ease and was encouraging. I liked how he brought in real life situations to make the training more relatable.”

Natalie C.  //  Dementia Care Senior Support

Knowledgeable and Interactive...

“Very approachable, knowledgable and interactive facilitator who encouraged group discussions and used personal experience to back up the theory/learning”

Children's Respite Centre Senior Carer  //  Peterborough City Council.

Please note that we do NOT deliver 'open' training
for individuals who are not currently employed with a service.

When: 1 to 5 Days based on your identified needs and scheduled for your convenience

Who:  Groups of up to 12 care staff are led by each Dynamis trainer (larger groups by request).  Nurses and Care Workers, clinical staff, key workers and therapists can all benefit from courses which are tailored for your specific environment.

Our small but highly focussed team of trainers are highly experienced and professionally qualified verbal and physical intervention specialists.  They hold Level 3 Qualifications in physical intervention, conflict management and breakaway/self-protection and regularly attend CPD events which ensures the quality of their delivery.   Dynamis is an ICM Accredited Quality Award centre, assuring clients of our robust processes for the design, development, delivery and support of our training programmes.

Where:  Training is held at your venue

How:  Our trainers deliver this course using a mix of lecture/presentation, Q&A, physical practice and scenario rehearsal.

Why:  Matched to your needs      Led by Professional Trainers      Legally Audited      Fully Risk-Assessed      Values Dignity and Respect     Safeguards Client rights      Offers Staff Practical Options      Compliant with Government Regulations      Value for Your Investment


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied by the training we deliver for your team, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Gerard O'Dea

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Dynamis is a Quality Award Centre with the ICM, a recognised accrediting body in the U.K. for workplace training in the prevention and management of workplace violence.

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European partner for Vistelar

Dynamis is the premier European Partner for Vistelar, a global consulting organisation covering training across the entire spectrum of human conflict.

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Regional representative for 9 Attitudes behavioural tactics

Dynamis represents the 9 Attitudes system, a fully behavioural approach to self-protection and physical control which is based on the observable realities of physical confrontation.

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