Positive Handling Training For Schools

Training for Positive Behaviour Strategies and Managing Restraint in Education Settings

“Training is often VERY detailed and complex; what made the Dynamis training different – and better! – was that it was simple and clear. There wasn’t too much to remember and it was all taught and set within a framework of common sense and the practical day-to-day activities and situations that arise in a school.

The pre-course information around the legislation underpinning positive handling also gave me the confidence to know I am legally and professionally in a position to use positive handling without an excessive risk of negative repercussions.

I was able to put the training into practice immediately and, several weeks later, can still use the training without looking back at the materials. THANK YOU. “


Mainstream Primary, Smallthorne, Stoke On Trent

One Full Day of Positive Handling Training

For teams who can find the time, this option gives your staff the most practice time and question/answer time with the trainers about the decision-making framework for physical interventions, focussed on holding skills.  Assimilation of the legal ‘rules’ and long-term retention of the physical skills is best with this duration of contact time.  Be aware though that INSET days are booked LONG in advance!  It is prudent to consider the Twilight options below also.

>>> http://www.positivehandling.co.uk/training/

A Short-format Intensive course using Blended In-Person and Online Learning

We are finding that many schools want the training as soon as possible, without needing to book a full INSET day.   This convenient Half-day or Twilight option blends online learning with an in-person training session and can be booked on any convenient date.   Your team are engaged by a mandatory pre-course study of the ‘knowledge and theory components’ using our online learning system.  Our trainer then visits with you to complete the training with Q&A and physical skills development, taking about 3 hours in the AM, PM or Twilight, at a time which is convenient and expedient for you.

>>> http://www.positivehandling.co.uk/training/positive-handling-twilight-blended-online/

60mins or 90mins Positive Handling or Behaviour Management or De-Escalation Skills Briefing

This is a briefing on the rules and principles only, with no physical skills development for the staff.  It can be useful to establish a baseline school-wide.  We sometimes run these as a whole-school briefing first-thing in the morning prior to taking a specialised team for in-depth training throughout the rest of the day.

More Specialist Needs:  a Special School or Care Context

A 2-day course which blends our unique Breakaway and Self-protection training with the 1-day Positive Handling course in order to give teams working in very challenging environments (Respite Care is a good example) the correct level of skill development to deal with the widest variety of challenging behaviour from distressed children. >>> http://www.positivehandling.co.uk/training/care-and-control/

Special Needs Strategies  

A tailored course for your school team which is based on National Level Guidance on the Management of Challenging /Distressed Behaviour combined with a tried-and-tested programme of crisis communications and including last-resort physical alternatives for where word alone fail and when safety needs to be re-established in a situation.  >>> http://www.positivehandling.co.uk/send-training-special-educational-needs-disability/

Success in Engaging with Parents 

A workshop course which teaches your team how to communicate effectively with parents who are the subject of difficult conversations about behaviour, attendance, safeguarding or other issues.   We teach your staff non-escalation and de-escalation strategies which offer a structure within which parents can be treated with respect while being challenged or informed of decisions to which they may react defensively. 

>>> http://www.positivehandling.co.uk/success-with-parents/

Managing Behaviour for Foster Carers

A workshop course for Foster Carers which teaches – based around the National Guidance for Fostering – a range of strategies which carers can use in cases of extreme difficulty where a fostered child becomes a danger to themselves or others.

>>> http://www.positivehandling.co.uk/foster-carer-training/

Other Courses of Interest:

Non-Escalation, De-Escalation and Crisis intervention – www.dynamis.training/conflict-management

Train-The-Trainer – www.dynamis.training/vistelar