Exceptional Lone Worker Training since 2006.

Your teams carry out work in the community:

– need to visit people in their own homes at all times of the day or night
– sometimes visit low-income/high-crime areas where safety risk increases
– encounter customers who become angry, frustrated or distressed
– at times make a decision to leave a visit because of safety concerns

…so your teams are likely to describe scenarios where:

— the behaviour of non-customers at the visit cause them safety concerns
— the customer was acting strangely or gave them some anxiety
— the property itself presents with surprises after your lone worker enters
— new information comes to light once the visit is underway

“Very knowledgeable on subject and able to translate to practice easily, using examples to illustrate points.  Practical session very beneficial.  Excellent course, will be recommending it to colleagues!  Feel more safe in the workplace as now have strategies to put into place to ensure safety is not compromised”

Social Worker Children's Services, Peterborough City Council

Your team’s  Lone Worker Training with us will cover:

    • Pre-Incident Indicators and How to Predict Behaviour
    • how to deploy verbal skills to prevent situations from escalating
    • what to say and do when the person has already escalated to verbal abuse
    • The pros and cons of Staff Monitoring, Tracking and Alerting systems
    • Safe Systems of Work for engaging in home visits
    • Dynamic Situational Awareness
    • why trusting ‘gut instinct’ and intuition is a key variable in how people stay safe
    • how to assess escape-route proximity in confined spaces
    • when words alone fail to create safety:  the lawful use of force
    • which are the right goals to focus on in a critical moment (Fear Management)

Prevention, Better than Cure

Our Lone Worker Training Course is designed to help your team to properly carry out and follow risk assessments in regard to their work.  They will learn about Lone Worker Protection safe systems of work, including the best ways to use a lone worker alarm or lone worker safety device.  We are specialists in personal safety skills and your team will learn systems for their own protection in the event of facing violence in public-facing roles.

Your staff will meet these Lone Worker Training Outcomes:

  • The context of Lone Worker Personal Safety in your work environment.
  • Health and Safety Implications of Lone Working Personal Safety – Safe Systems Of Work
  • How to minimise the likelihood of an incident occurring in the community by detecting ‘Pre- Incident Indicators’
  • How to recognise the cues prior to a person becoming very aggressive or violent
  • Appropriate ways of using body language and subtle barrier signals to improve safety
  • Verbal Defuse Strategies which de-escalate and reduce risk of violence.
  • Time, Distance and Opportunity in relation to Exit/Escape route Proximity
  • The rights, responsibilities and implications of using force to disengage or defend oneself.
  • Decision-making under pressure and Fear Management techniques
  • Understanding how to use Lone Worker Personal Safety Alert Devices most effectively.

“This was a very engaging Lone Worker Training course which really helped me to understand the dynamics of difficult and potentially dangerous situations. Thank you!”

Senior Engineer

Field Force, OVO Energy

When: Lone Worker Training is normally delivered over 1 Day on a date scheduled for your convenience

Who:  up to 15 Lone Worker Personal Safety attendees are led by one Dynamis trainer

What Roles:  Social Worker, Community Nurse, District Nurse, Speech and Language Therapist, Domestic Violence Worker, Housing Officer, Support Worker, Outreach Worker, Criminal Justice Worker, Community Podiatrist, Customer Service Representatives, and many other community-based roles.

Where:  at your venue

How:  Our trainers deliver this course using a mix of lecture/presentation, Q&A, physical practice and scenario rehearsal.

Why:    Matched to your Lone Worker Training needs     Led by Professional Trainers     Legally Audited     Fully Risk-Assessed     Values Dignity and Respect      Safeguards Client rights     Offers Staff Practical Options     Compliant with Government Regulations     Value for Your Lone Worker Training Investment

“High level of detail and enjoyable Lone Worker Training experience with personal worked experience of the content”




The standout features of our Lone Worker Training is that it is Practice-based and Performance-focussed – your teams will be up and moving in the training room, exploring scenarios and contexts which are relevant to their work and our training demands that they produce the words, behaviours and strategies in-vivo, in the classroom, so that they retain them better when they go back to their workplace.

Dynamis is an Institute of Conflict Management-accredited Quality Award Centre #2201

Our trainers have a minimum of the following:

  • BTEC Level 3 PTTLLS Preparing to Teach for Lifelong Learning education qualification
  • BTEC Level 3 Advanced Self-Defence Instructor Qualification
  • BTEC Level 3 Conflict Management Qualification

In addition, Gerard O’Dea is an Author on Lone Working Personal Safety (Amazon Link)

Learners have included customer service representatives from corporate, customer-facing teams:

  • The Energy Saving Trust,
  • OVO Energy
  • Kaluza
  • Black Horse Auto-Leasing
  • AirServ

Read our Lone Working Personal Safety Book

Teams from local authorities and housing organisations around the country have benefitted from our Lone Worker Training:

  • Edinburgh City Council Adult Social Work Dept
  • Peterborough City Council Children’s Social Work Dept
  • London Borough of Hackney Enforcement Dept
  • Dundee City Council Neighbourhood Safety Warden Community Safety
  • Edinburgh City Council Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice
  • Dundee City Council Parking Warden
  • Peterborough City Council Enforcement
  • Housing Organisations all over the country.
Safe Holding Caring Restraint with Older People in Care Dementia

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  • The training course from Dynamis fulfilled or exceeded expectations 99.6% 99.6%
  • Our Dynamis instructor had a very good or excellent level of knowledge and competence 98.2% 98.2%
  • The theory and knowledge components helped me professionally 98.9% 98.9%
  • The techniques and tactics were appropriate to real scenarios in our work 98.6% 98.6%
  • Our Dynamis trainer observed good Health and Safety practices 100% 100%
  • The Dynamis training course was of the right duration to gain the skills and knowledge I needed 91.2% 91.2%

Feedback from Attendees on Dynamis Lone Worker Training

“Very informative and enjoyable course, especially considering I had reservations about it beforehand,Learned a lot that I will be able to use both in my daily work situations and in my personal life” – Customer Service Officer

“An excellent training day, useful and practical, and very well delivered by the speaker. Thanks for an enjoyable experience.”        – Housing Project Officer   

“Very good training, as it covered all angles of personal safety.  Good pace and really informative”        – Scheme Manager    

“The course has made me look at the safety practices I use daily, lots of points picked up regarding body language and speech used to de-fuse situations – very enjoyable and informative”            – Housing Project Officer    

“Really interesting, helped me realise how I can sometimes give off the wrong signals and unknowingly escalate the situation.  Some useful tips, raised my awareness of personal safety.”        – Anti-Social Behaviour Officer      

“Easily the best course I have been on since starting with the council and before – 10 years ago!  I cannot remember being on a better course – and I have been on many!  Interesting, balanced between discussion and lecture and FUN!  Thanks!”   —   Adult Care Social Worker   

“I feel more confident and better informed.  I experience aggression from my client group regularly and now I think I can approach it differently.  Excellent approach, I had fun in the afternoon session!”   —   Criminal Justice Social worker   

“Very knowledgeable on subject and able to translate to practice easily, using examples to illustrate points.  Practical session very beneficial.  Excellent course, will be recommending it to colleagues!  Feel more safe in the workplace as now have strategies to put into place to ensure safety is not compromised”   —   Occupational Therapist   

“This has been a fabulous course!Would like to learn more as it would help all aspects, both inside and outside of work” —  Residential Worker