Hospital Violence Management

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De-Escalating Conflict

Improving Safety through Verbalisation Skills

Ensure that clients are treated with Dignity and Shown Respect

Foster an atmosphere of non-escalation through social contracts

Generate Voluntary Collaboration, Cooperation or Compliance

Encourage consistent Initial Contacts, Empathy and Persuasion in your interactions

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Breakaway Skills Training

Personal Safety & Breakaway

Improving Safety through Personal Approaches to Risk

Managing Proximity and Body Language Signals

Understanding the principles of Reasonable Force

The Duty of Reasonable Care

Risk Awareness in Violent Confrontations

Reflexive Movement for Breakaway and Disengagement

Survival, Reversal and Escape tactics

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Physical Intervention Training

Physical Interventions

Improving Safety by leveraging Team Approaches

Teamwork and Communication during incidents

Safe Approach and Verbal Persuasion

Control tactics, Restraint and Immobilisation of a resistant subject

Standing, Seated, Kneeling and Floor considerations and risks

Risks of Sudden Death During Restraint and how to minimise or avoid them

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Restraint Reduction Initiatives

Reducing Risk and Enhancing Safety

Whatever your setting and the unique safety requirements of your service, your team will benefit from the experience and competency our personal safety trainers bring to violence prevention and restraint reduction in your workplace.  Please look through the details to the right, or get in touch to discuss your prevention and management of violence and aggression needs.