Resilience Training for Staff

Helping Your Staff to Persevere and Thrive in their Work

Personal Resilience training can improve retention, engagement and longevity for key professionals in your team.

Alex Hunter and Gerard O’Dea from Dynamis talk about the approach, emphasis and learning points covered in Alex’s Personal Resilience Training, which Alex has delivered for clinical staff in the NHS since 2014.

Alex has achieved some excellent success, for example cutting the dropout rate for newly qualified midwives in their first year of clinical practice from 60% to just 2%.

Personal Resilience Learning Outcomes:

Part 1 Understanding your body’s systems for arousal/stress events.

Part 2 Heuristics and Strategic Thought

Part 3 Arousal/Stress Event Dynamics

Part 4 Professional Language

Part 5 Dealing with Conflict with others*

Part 6 Dealing with Conflicts within yourself

Part 7 Arousal/Stress Event Aftermath

Part 8 Professional And Personal Best Practice

Part 9 Open Forum Questions and Further Study Areas


Alex has been involved in training for over twenty years, initially as an Army Physical Training Instructor, then providing bespoke training packages in the security industry.
For the past 7 years he has been a Specialist Training Provider – providing training and consultation services on Positive Handling (Schools), PMVA ( Mental Health Services), Conflict Management ( Customer facing staff), Conflict Resolution, Personal Resilience for Clinicians (NHS), Professional Language (All Staff) and Personal Safety and Disengagement (All Staff).
Training – helping others to develop professionally and personally is Alex’s passion and Personal Resilience has become a personal favourite training course.

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