Proper Post-Incident Processes Protect People

Safeguard your employees after serious incidents.

This training course provides your organisation with the structured management of stressful events following significant incidents which may attract legal or regulatory scrutiny, or allegations from those involved in the incident.

It helps you to capture evidence, safeguard employees and helps you to support them in dealing with the emotional aspects of the event.

It also addresses mental health and welfare support, especially where trauma may have been involved.


It also addresses some issues which can make witnesses more vulnerable, particularly around perception and memory.

The course explains the current best memory retrieval methods to capture credible witness accounts and protect the integrity of any investigation.

Training colleagues and peers will have a powerful impact allowing; a structured, documented, risk managed and transparent response to significant events

Thorough investigation

Reduce legal liability for the employee and organisation

Professionalise evidential capture of witness information

Identify the best way of securing evidence from affected staff

Explain why memory is vulnerable after stressful events

Proper Recording

Highlights poor interviewing techniques and statement writing

Signposts ethical investigation practices to support staff

Enhances the employers Duty of Care

Improve the safety, security and welfare of employees

Supporting Your People

Protect the organisational reputation and brand

Improve staff motivation and morale, in turn reducing absenteeism

Help protect the organisation at review, enquiry or investigation

Promote transparency in incident reporting processes

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