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We develop trainers who deliver Effective, Efficient and Engaging training which improves your workforce skills.

Dynamis ICM Award Centre

Three Key Areas

A suite of professional development opportunities which will elevate your coaching, training and instructional practice to the highest modern levels.


Non-Escalation and De-Escalation

The flagship Vistelar train-the-trainer programme enables you to teach tried-and-tested verbalisation skills, based on core values, which integrate and deploy in different situations to prevent escalation, de-escalate aggression or resistance and manage emotionally disturbed persons effectively. 

Healthcare Myth 2: If I Say Something It Will Make Things Worse 2


Protective Physical Interventions

Your staff depend on the functional skills imparted to them in your training to keep themselves and their colleagues safe when they deploy physical interventions. These last-resort protective physical interventions can be deployed at all levels of risk and are appropriate for more vulnerable or more capable persons who are at risk.

Personal Safety Trainer 34


Trainer Professional Development

Learn how to deliver authentic learning using an evidence-based and research-informed model of training design and delivery.

Modern scenario-driven and task-focussed training will delight your learners and create effective, efficient and engaging training experiences.

Our Trainers are working in...

Hospitals and Healthcare

Public-Facing Organisations

Local Government  & Citizen Services

Primary and Secondary Schools

The power of evidence-based training

High Staff Engagement

Because of the immediate relevance your staff see in course design and delivery, they are engaged, motivated and energised during and after the training.

Better Transfer to the Workplace

Because sessions are all driven by your own scenarios, issues and challenges with the people you meet in your work, it has immediate relevance and transfers directly to your day-to-day workplace.

 "Time Well Spent"

Your teams get many, many opportunities to learn and practice their new skills during 'countless reps' of the target skills, actively learning in every session. There are no boring powerpoints!

Measurable Change Happens

With highly targeted new skills, your teams can make measurable changes to their interactions and truly realise your organisation's safety ethos, focussing on dignity and respect, safety and wellbeing.

Making workplaces safer

for staff and service users.

Our trainer courses are designed for public-facing coaches and instructors whose learners must with vulnerable individuals who need a supportive approach and also those higher-risk individuals capable of spontaneous aggression.  Our aim is that every person is treated with dignity and is shown respect, even when there is conflict.

Arrange a Train-the-Trainer course with Dynamis Training and you will:

  • Learn a systematic approach to conflict verbalisation skills
  • Use approaches which enhance learning and retention
  • Gain a toolbox of approaches for teaching real physical solutions
  • Be able to create situation-specific tactics which are relevant to context
  • Engage and Motivate learners with contextualised training
  • Match organisational ethos and safety goals with learning outcomes

Our Train-the-Trainer Process


Book your free Talk About Training.

Every trainer has unique needs and so you need a unique approach to your development. Our free training needs assessment is a 30-minute process where we identify where you are at, and the training development you may need.


You experience professional, modern approaches to Trainer Development

You will experience a completely modern approach of delivering training in conflict and physical interventions, based on the latest evidence and research. 


You teach more engaging, more effective courses and your organisation benefits from safer practice.

Following the training, we will provide support and further opportunities for you to develop through our network and ongoing events.

Gerard O'Dea  //  Director of Training at Dynamis

Hi and thanks for visiting our Train-The -Trainer webpage today.

In over 15 years of engaging in professional development myself and seeing the experiences of other trainers in our sector, I know the importance of GOOD continuing professional development opportunities.

Resources are scarce and organisations need to know that their trainers will bring valuable insights, new methodologies and functional fixes for real problems back from their CPD.

At Dynamis we have been pioneering modern and functionally effective training methods for both verbal and physical skills in preventing and managing conflict since 2006.

We have sought out the best conflict management training content and the best learning methods  in the world and bring them together for you and your team.

Gerard O'Dea

Our Partners and Accreditation

ICM Logo

Member of The Institute of

Conflict Management

Dynamis is a Quality Award Centre with the ICM, a recognised accrediting body in the U.K. for workplace training in the prevention and management of workplace violence.

Healthcare Myth 2: If I Say Something It Will Make Things Worse 2

European partner for Vistelar

Dynamis is the premier European Partner for Vistelar, a global consulting organisation covering training across the entire spectrum of human conflict.

Personal Safety Trainer 35

Regional representative for 9 Attitudes behavioural tactics

Dynamis represents the 9 Attitudes system, a fully behavioural approach to self-protection and physical control which is based on the observable realities of physical confrontation.

Our Trainers create satisfied learners...

Best Course I have attended in the NHS...

“This was by far the best course I’ve attended in the NHS. Fit for purpose, current, relevant and extremely well delivered.  10/10 for delivery, professionalism and structure.”

Andy W.  //  Security Management Specialist

Made it Relevant...

“Very good training, and great effort to make it relevant for the type of conflict and situation we face. Excellent Trainer – 10//10”

Michaela G.  // Community Engagement Officer

Book-in a call and grab a coffee - let's talk training.

With over 15 years of experience working with clients, we are confident that we can gain an understanding of your issues, resources, timeframes and budget quickly and soon propose a training plan which fits your needs.

How to...

Develop as a Professsional Trainer

What our customers are saying:

Tailored to situations we actually face...

“Gerard was a great teacher, he was very knowledgeable and friendly. He tailored the training to situations we might actually find ourselves in which I found incredibly useful.”

Louise C.  //  Homeless Shelter Support Worker


I left feeling confident that I could safely apply the techniques I had been shown and know when to use them. Since completing this training another member of staff and I who where both on the course have been able to safely escort a child, whom we have previously struggled and felt unsure/ unsafe with escorting when dis-regulated back in to the school building safety. We were both on the same page as were the other members of staff who witnessed the incident (and were also present for the training that day) and this greatly helped us to safely bring the child back in to school. I would like to once again give my thanks to the team who came in to teach us that day. They were both amazing! 

Classroom Teacher  //  Blossom House School March 2020.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied by the training we deliver for your team, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Gerard O'Dea

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