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Our training services are focussed on guiding management and developing the skills of frontline teams.

Unfortunately, we do not run 'open' training events which an individual can enrol themselves in.

It is our considered view that you should be able to access training as part of a team of people that you work alongside, with the support of your line manager, so that you benefit from a shared understanding of the ethos and approach which your team takes for the people in your care.

If your goal is to become a Trainer in Conflict Management, Protective Physical Interventions or to get some CPD in Training for those areas, then you should visit our Trainers page and enquire about the courses there.

A Word of Caution:

If you are an individual hoping to join a team in a healthcare or education workplace, then we recommend that you embark on training with and 'as a team', because the teamwork elements of protective interventions and conflict management are extremely important to achieving successful outcomes.

If you work in a school or care context and managers are asking you to find training by yourself to deal with difficult, distressed or dangerous behaviour on your own, then there are serious issues with the expectations which your management team are placing on you.  Management and supervisors must know and understand violence reduction, conflict management and physical risks before asking a member of staff to work in an environment where this is a likely outcome.

Imagine that you pass a training course on your own, but your new employers don't understand, agree with or support the training which you have received?  Will the training provider support you?  Will your supervisor or line manager support you? Will you be left "on your own" to deal with the serious implications of a high-stakes restraint incident?

Please think very carefully about the implications.

Wishing you the best,

Gerard O'Dea

Director of Training at Dynamis.

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