Tony Torres

Tony Torres :: Professional Personal Safety Training & Development

Recently, Tony has been directly involved in the development of personal safety programmes and the instructors who deliver personal safety training to:

  • Nurses and Nursing Assistants in Healthcare Services
  • Dementia Care Staff
  • Lone Workers involved in Home Care
  • Community-based workers involved in drug and alcohol outreach, domestic violence and homelessness
  • Enforcement teams working in local government roles (environmental health and parking enforcement)
  • Hospital Security teams

Work History:

Tony is a career educator and coach-trainer in the areas of:

  • Personal Safety Habits
  • Situational Awareness
  • Preventative and De-Escalation Practices
  • Self-Protection Tactics (Unarmed and Armed) for Civilians
  • Advanced Tactics for Occupational Teams in Special Contexts

Tony Torres was a defensive tactics instructor during his 9 years of service in the US Navy, where he had roles as a Search and Rescue swimmer and in Nuclear Weapons Security.  During his 13 year career as a decorated Master Police Officer in the City of Virginia Beach he worked on patrol duties and later in special units tasked with gangs and narcotics operations.   Following his years of public service, Coach Torres worked for Blackwater USA first as an instructor for Tactical Training, then as a Close Protection Team Leader in Iraq providing dignitary protection for US Department of Of State personnel including Ambassador Bremer* – who was at that time ‘the most threatened man in the world’.

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Values-driven and Evidence-based Training

Dynamis is an ICM Quality Award Centre (QAC#2201) for the delivery of Workplace Violence Prevention Training.  We tailor our Conflict Management, De-Escalation, Breakaway and Physical Restraint Training courses for your context and the unique safety requirements and ethos of your service, enabling your team to improve their practice for the prevention and management of violence and aggression.

We help your  team to manage the entire spectrum of conflict, from simple communication to complex crisis.  The approach we teach your staff combines verbalisation skills for de-escalation of conflict with appropriate, last-resort physical alternatives.

We are continually developing enhanced learning design methodology which ensures that your training budget is spent on best-value activities. Our training is therefore:
EMOTIONALLY SAFE – delivered in a supportive environment where effort and engagement are rewarded and in which failure is seen as a necessary step towards mastery of target content.
CONTEXTUALISED TO WORKPLACE SCENARIOS – focuses on exploring the complete picture of the most common flashpoint scenarios which are familiar to your team’s experience of the workplace.
FULL-SPECTRUM OF APPROPRIATE RESPONSES – incorporates positional, non-verbal, verbal, emotional, mental and physical attitudes required for a successful, professional response.
PERFORMANCE-ORIENTED – your learners perform the target skills, often in the face of designed-in, desirable difficulties and receive immediate, objective feedback to improve their performance.
PRACTICE-BASED – your team are repeatedly faced with and engaged in work-like encounters and incidents on which their individual and team performance is assessed from multiple points-of-view.
We specialise in a Contextualised, Practice-based Training Methodology which ensures that your learners are doing tasks which are as close as possible to their specified job role and daily tasks, while having opportunities to put new tactics and strategies into practice.

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