Protecting Lone Workers sometimes means deciding on if a visit should go ahead and how many people should go.  Sometimes, client history means no visit.

In a rough-cut from a recent training course, our Director of Training and expert on personal safety Gerard O’Dea describes the tragic case where a lone worker was asked to visit someone whose recent history and past convictions, if known, would have suggested that probably no-one would have been sent on the visit that she was asked to carry out.  The story highlights the importance of knowing client details, including their history of violence.


Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression 31

Gerard O’Dea is a professional violence-management trainer/consultant who has been active in personal safety training since 2006.  He regularly delivers training to local authority, housing organisation and other community-based staff teams who work with sometimes difficult, distressed or dangerous members of the public.  His approach to lone-worker training is pragmatic, functional and based on a keen analysis of the issues in the real world of community working.  Gerard published “Lone Worker Personal Safety:  A Guidebook for Health and Social Care Staff” (on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle) in 2014.  For more information please visit:  http://www.dynamis.training/lone-worker-personal-safety/