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March 2, 2015

5th Annual Dynamis/FES Trainer Course Almost Full!

Our 2015 Self-Protection Trainer course is almost full!

Torres teaching 3 copy 2

With bookings only open since late January, we have had a strong response to our 5th annual self-protection trainer course.   The course teaches what is possibly the most quickly-assimilated and easily-retained self-protection tactics course in the sector today (Functional Edge System or FES), combined with industry-leading Trainer resources on the law and risk management from the National Federation for Personal Safety.

Torres Control copy

This year we will also be welcoming back our cadre of experienced FES trainers who will be adding to their core skills with an advanced certification in Control Tactics for High-Risk Contexts.  This course is designed to work from the instinctive protection principles of the core material and add a layer of skills which helps contact professionals (retail/leisure door supervisors, hospital security officers, psychiatric nurses, law-enforcement officers or response teams) to deal with very violent adult subjects who are presenting extreme violence.

For more information about this course, please visit the dedicated webpage at:


We have a handful of places left but registration will be closing in a few days time – please check with us if you feel you want to register.

Torres teaching 6 copy 2

The tactics on these courses will be taught by Functional-Edge founder Coach Tony Torres, who has a thorough and robust background in both operational use of force and – importantly – the programming, design and delivery of effective use of force training programmes.  You can learn more about Coach Torres and his approach to the issues of violence, self-protection and training through a series of interviews with Coach Torres which have been transcribed and placed online.

You can even watch a clip of Coach Torres teaching a block at the 2014 trainer certification course here.

Our Dynamis / Functional Edge cadre of trainers is looking forward to welcoming the new trainers to the community and to adding the new skills from the Control Tactics module to our teaching practice all across the UK!

Coach Gerard O'Dea is a personal safety specialist trainer

Gerard O’Dea is a conflict management, personal safety and physical interventions training consultant.  He is the training director for Dynamis, a specialist provider of personal safety and violence management programmes and the European Adviser for ‘Verbal Defense and Influence’, a global programme which addresses the spectrum of human conflict.  He is also a certified Coach and the UK Regional Director for Functional Edge System. www.dynamis.training

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Gerard O'Dea

Gerard O'Dea is the Director of Training for Dynamis. Training Advisor, Speaker, Author and Expert Witness on Personal Safety, Conflict Management and Physical Interventions, he is the European Advisor for Vistelar Conflict Management, a global programme focussing on the spectrum of human conflict.

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