“Trainer was excellent and professional and made the course enjoyable – was presented very well for all staff.  Extremely likely to recommend to any colleagues looking for this training”

–> Home Manager (RMN), Silverdale Nursing Home, October 2018

Our contextualised and scenario-based training programme is highly rated and regarded, and we rolled it out with great success for this nursing home.  The team for whom we brought this training are looking after vulnerable older people who sometimes present with surprising, unpredictable or violent behaviour which could harm themselves or another in their nursing home. Our specialist trainer taught using our blended (online / in-person) format, covering both Safe Caring and Safe Holding.

Our Safe Caring course is more focussed on staff approach and personal safety habits: https://www.dynamis.training/safe-caring/

The Safe Holding course goes further and deals with restraint and immobilisation skills: https://www.dynamis.training/safe-holding/

The course attendees engaged with our online learning portal which covered subjects such as “Understanding Duty of Care” and the legal issues surrounding restraint and holding and as you can see, the home manager was delighted with our approach.

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