Care and Control with Looked-After Children and Young People

Restraint with Children

Physical Intervention, Care and Control for Children in environments with Vulnerable Young People in care

This course is designed to give care staff a foundational knowledge of the rights, risks, and limitations they must be aware of when considering the use of control and restraint in their children’s care environment.  Taking into account an understanding that vulnerable children in care must always be protected from harm, while offering them as much choice and autonomy as possible, this course outlines the key points of law, duty of care and national guidance which helps staff to make good decisions about control with children in difficult circumstances.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course your staff will:

1)  Understand Conflict Triggers and De-escalation principles

2)  Know the specific triggers and flashpoints which are relevant to your client group

3)  Be able to carry out safe practices for approach and interaction with your clients

4)  Be able to use Prompting, Escorting and Holding Skills appropriately to context

5)  Be able to use non-harmful methods of control, engagement and disengagement appropriately to context

6)  Understand the requirements of health & safety law in regard to their Duty of Care

7)  Understand their rights and the limitations of their rights to use force for protection or restraint

8)  Be able to safely and effectively disengage from violence using force if absolutely necessary

9)  Know the risks associated with physical intervention and specifically the risks of sudden death

When: Usually over 2 Days on a date scheduled for your convenience, tailored for your needs.

Who:  As standard we train up to 12 of your care staff with one qualified and experienced Dynamis trainer.  Larger groups can be trained by arrangement.

What Roles?  Care Home Manager, Deputy Manager, Team Leader, Senior Support Worker, Care Assistant, Therapist, Activities Supervisor, Therapists

Where:  at your venue

How:  Our trainers deliver this Care and Control course using a mix of lecture/presentation, Q&A, physical practice and scenario rehearsal.

Why:    Matched to your needs     Led by Professional Trainers     Legally Audited     Fully Risk-Assessed     Values Dignity and Respect      Safeguards Client rights     Offers Staff Practical Options     Compliant with Government Regulations     Value for Your Investment

We have delivered tailored Restraint Training Course programmes for a wide variety of clients such as those listed here, where you can read about how we worked successfully to deliver their objectives for the training:


Children Act 1989 guidance and regulations – volume 5: children’s homes

DoH guidance on reducing use of restrictive interventions 0414

A positive and proactive workforce

NG11 Guidance 20150529

  • The training course from Dynamis fulfilled or exceeded expectations 99.6% 99.6%
  • Our Dynamis instructor had a very good or excellent level of knowledge and competence 98.2% 98.2%
  • The theory and knowledge components helped me professionally 98.9% 98.9%
  • The techniques and tactics were appropriate to real scenarios in our work 98.6% 98.6%
  • Our Dynamis trainer observed good Health and Safety practices 100% 100%
  • The Dynamis training course was of the right duration to gain the skills and knowledge I needed 91.2% 91.2%
Course Arrangements Info

Training Area:
The physical skills training will require an area large enough for the training group to move around in safely!  It should have all obstructions and floor furniture removed so that we don’t bump into things – slips trips and falls account for the large proportion of injuries in the workplace.  An area 6m x 9m (the dimensions of a squash court) is typically suitable for a group of up to 12 staff if it is completely clear of any hazards.

We normally suggest a start time of 0930, finishing at approximately 1600 on each day.   Let us know if you need us to start or finish early.

Display Equipment
We request that you please provide a digital projector or flatscreen TV to assist your trainer to provide our customised presentations to your team.  If necessary we can bring a projector – just let us know!

Note-Taking and Assessment
All staff are strongly recommended to bring note-taking materials – a notebook and pen – in order to take the full benefit of this course.  All staff may be required to complete a student learning log during the course to facilitate assessment.

All delegates will be required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to commencing the course. All injuries, past and present, must be disclosed, including any medication currently prescribed and / or being taken.

Delegates are asked to ensure that they bring and wear adequate training kit for the duration of the course including; long tracksuit bottoms, appropriate training shoes, etc.  Examples of inappropriate clothing would include: any form of open-toed shoes / sandals,
footwear with heels, skirts / dresses, shorts, low-cut tops, etc.

Failure to attend training sessions in safe and appropriate clothing or footwear could result in being excluded from the training, due to risk.

For personal safety reasons ALL jewellery must be removed prior to any training commencing. Where an item of jewellery cannot be removed (i.e. wedding rings) it may be required to be covered, dependent on its construction and style.

The course is a very intense course and time is of the essence. Therefore, delegates are asked to ensure that they are on time for each session so that others are not waiting unnecessarily and that the course finishing time can be adhered to.

This is a practitioner-level course and attendees will only be certified based on the assessment of the trainer, therefore staff are encouraged to engage fully with the training as an occupational health and safety requirement.

We are always disappointed for our clients when they need to cancel for reasons outwith their control.   However it can have serious effects on our business, too!  We think the fairest response for everyone is to invoice you for 50% of the training you originally booked, plus any travel expenses we had already incurred.    This applies to courses cancelled within 4 weeks of the start date.  Before then, we will just reschedule!


“I have never done a course that equalled this level – I thought the training was broken down into very easy to learn steps and the movements could be made to work in very fluid scenarios.  Absolutely fabulous – already recommended to other colleagues”

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