January 22

Feedback on our specialist course for Managing Child-to-Parent Violence

Child-to-Parent Violence has been called ‘the last taboo’ – we have been working with the National Association of Therapeutic Parents to help Foster Carers and Adoptive Parents (and others) with this issue across the UK since 2017.

Foster Carers and Parents Physical Interventions Workshop.  Our course Managing Violent Behaviour in the Home Context, for Foster Carers and Parents can be tailored to the needs of a specific child/family, however we cover key concepts from the Fostering Services Regulations related to the Children Act 1989 and the Human Rights Act 1998 so that those interacting with the child will be able to make the best possible decisions about the management of conflict and the use of (last-resort) protective interventions if they become necessary.



deescalation, disengagement, distressed behaviour, personal safety, self-protection, training

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