Healthcare Security Training for a group of NHS hospitals – Feedback over 5 years.

June 28, 2022

We recently took the opportunity to review hundreds of feedback responses from a long-standing client who chose us to work with their security teams in hospitals in various parts of the UK, since 2018.

We have collated the feedback from individual security officers who worked with our trainers over the period, to produce the data below. Considering that we have had 4 different trainers working on this security training project, the results are very consistent and overall are incredibly positive.

In summary, the data tells a story that Dynamis training for Healthcare Security Officers (HCSOs):

  • is Consistent across learner groups
  • is Appropriate to Healthcare situations and settings
  • is Professionally helpful for security officers
  • is Safe
  • is Efficient
  • exceeds expectations for the vast majority of learners
  • provides excellent quality trainers from our team
  • is highly recommended to other security officers!

Here are the scores – see for yourself!

Were your expectations about the security training course met?

Exceeded: 65%

and Fulfilled:  34%   (= total satisfaction on this criteria 99%)

How did you rate the Dynamis trainer’s knowledge and competence?

Excellent: 76%

and Very Good: 19%   (= total satisfaction on this criteria 95%)

Did the trainer observe good health and safety practices – was the security training course run safely?

Yes 99%

Was the security training course of the right duration for you to gain the skills and knowledge you needed?

About the right duration 91%

Were the techniques and tactics you learned in the security training appropriate for the scenarios you could possibly face in your workplace?

Yes 99%

Were the theory and knowledge components of the course helpful for you professionally?

Yes 99%

On a zero to Ten scale, how likely is it that you would recommend Dynamis Security Training to a colleague?

Average Score 9.56 out of 10.

Comments from individual Healthcare Security Officers about Training with Dynamis

Highly excellent trainer who has helped me helped others and will help even more workers to become verbally and physically trained to deal with aggressive people in and out of work.

Security Officer, James Cook Hospital NHS Trust, Middlesbrough

Our instructor was excellent, and demonstrated the whole security training brilliantly and involved everyone, and made us all more confident to deal with incidents, by using the techniques shown.

Security Officer, Barts NHS Trust London

In the 14 yrs I have received security training at the hospital, this is without doubt the best training I have received… Our instructor is an excellent instructor, and his instructional technique is excellent. It was resiprocle in that we as a group absorbed what was said and taught. At the end of the course he also said that he had enjoyed instructing us too!!

Security Officer, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust

This was by far the best course I’ve attended in the NHS. Fit for purpose, current, relevant and extremely well delivered. Delivery, professionalism and structure excellent for security training.

ASMS, Security Lead, Great Western Hospital NHS Trust, Swindon

I felt as if the security training was amazing so I don’t feel as if there is any room for improvement. Our instructor was really clear and he taught me & everyone well! 

Security Officer, Newham Hospital

Good training course overall which helped boost employee confidence in being able to deal with difficult situations and understanding alternatives to physical intervention. Training was relevant and tailored to security services working in healthcare settings.

Security Manager, Barts NHS

The course was built after given specific incidents we deal with on a regular basis. Our trainer then took the time and effort to listen to our needs and requirements and adapted the course to suit what we needed.

Security Officer NNUH

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Healthcare Security Training for a group of NHS hospitals – Feedback over 5 years.

Healthcare Security Training for a group of NHS hospitals – Feedback over 5 years.

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Gerard O'Dea is the Director of Training for Dynamis. Training Advisor, Speaker, Author and Expert Witness on Personal Safety, Conflict Management and Physical Interventions, he is the European Advisor for Vistelar Conflict Management, a global programme focussing on the spectrum of human conflict.

Gerard O'Dea

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