Resources for our Lone Working Course

The Story of Ashleigh Ewing:   Risk, Supervision, Pre-Cues and the visit that ended a life.

Lone Working Visit Risk Assessment Tool

Lone Working Visit Risk Assessment Tool (click to download)

Legal Briefing on Lone Working & Health and Safety

HSAW 1974, MHSW Regs 1999, Employment Rights Act and more:   Click here to Download

An expanded treatment of this topic, with examples and practical advice, is published in the Lone Worker Personal Safety book available at Amazon:  http://amzn.eu/7rKag4b

National Level Guidance and Research Reports on Violence and Lone Workers

NHS violence-related withdrawal of care guidance

NHS violence warning markers guidance

Duty of Care handbook (UNISON)

Lone Worker guidancefor Home Care Workers (UNISON)

Royal College of Nursing 2016 Guidance for Lone Working

Improving safety for lone workers NHS 2009


NHS Lone_Working_policy_template

Domiciliary care lone worker safety guide (Skills for Care)



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