March 1

Feedback on Personal Safety for staff working in Learning Disabilities

Thought it was really interesting, with very simple, quick and easy techniques which can be used at work. They are easy to remember too! It was a very professional experience and I learned a lot from it. The theory side helped me understand more about regulations and what is in place, this was very useful. I really liked the fact you could work through it, in your own time and how it all made sense after the practical training was put in place. Wonderful experience! Thank you”

We received this feedback on an interesting Personal Safety and Physical Interventions course we put together, blending online and in-person training, for a service which provides activities for children and adults with a range of disabilities.  The learners received access to a pre-course programme of short and succinct online learning modules which they could complete in their own time prior to meeting our trainer for the physical skills development session.  We offer this to many clients now as it increases our effectiveness in our in-person sessions, maximising the time we have with your teams to answer their deeper questions and to practice the appropriate responses which in different circumstances.


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