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November 28, 2017

Aggression Management for Healthcare in UAE

Our Director of Training is just finishing a visit to the UAE where Dynamis continues to grow our Conflict, Aggression and Violence Management training practice for healthcare clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and further afield for example at Al Ain, in an offering that we hope to expand throughout the GCC in time.

Building on experience we have built up on training and advice delivered in the UAE since our first visit in 2008, Dynamis now provides specifically-researched and developed training for UAE teams.   

The courses available take either a healthcare-focussed PMVA (prevention and management of violence and aggression) theme or a ‘Positive Handling’ focus for school, education and special-needs contexts.   Special projects with unique needs are subject to our customisation process during Training Needs Analysis.

Within healthcare, Dynamis has provided tailored training in conflict de-escalation, management of aggression and breakaway / restraint for the Emergency Departments of hospitals in Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) and Abu Dhabi Healthcare Authority (HAAD).    Upcoming projects have been commissioned by the Ministry of Health directly for federal-level facilities, for example.

Within Education, Dynamis has provided direct support to frontline staff in over 15 schools across the Emirates in dealing with difficult, distressed or dangerous behaviour from pupils with special needs, learning disabilities or emotional difficulties in school or similar environments.

Dynamis is in a unique position to offer certified, accredited training in workplace violence prevention and management which has been specifically developed to incorporate UAE federal legal principles, both for occupational safety and health codes and for the legal principles – underlined in Islamic Law – for use of force by employees in a private capacity or in public office, to manage physical danger.

We have also developed similar programmes to incorporate the legal requirements and principles involved in the Qatar legal context for managing workplace violence, conflict and interventions.  See here

All programmes are structured to maximise in-person learning time by leveraging online training, developed in-house by Dynamis to meet the specific learning outcomes required.   Our in-house customised system for online learning provides an auditable foundation of knowledge for our clients to baseline understanding across their staff teams.

The teams in UAE have been working on learning outcomes as follows this week:

  • Using a map to visualise conflict and violence incident progressions
  • Identifying core influencers for human behaviour – triggers and cues
  • Core values and professional presence for non- and de-escalation
  • Body Language, Tone, Gesture and Barriers in Crisis Communications
  • De-Escalation principles and practice using service-specific scenarios
  • Instinctive Protection and Natural Strengths of the Body
  • Last-Resort Control phase interventions
  • Safe, Considered approaches to Restraint and Holding
  • The practice and processes in Effective Teamwork
  • Post-Incident Review and Recording

The staff – including nurses, doctors, clinical staff, administration and support staff – have been enjoying the training at various levels and providing excellent feedback which we hope to share in the future.

To learn more about our healthcare programmes in the UAE please visit our webpage linked below:




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Gerard O'Dea

Gerard O'Dea is the Director of Training for Dynamis. Training Advisor, Speaker, Author and Expert Witness on Personal Safety, Conflict Management and Physical Interventions, he is the European Advisor for Vistelar Conflict Management, a global programme focussing on the spectrum of human conflict.

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