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December 15, 2017

Feedback for our training in 2017 was exceptional!

The feedback scores are in!

For several years we have been recording and analysing our learner feedback by electronically surveying our clients after training programmes have been completed as we continue to develop and improve our training experiences!

Here are the main points of our feedback for this year!

Were your expectations about the course met?

Did the trainer observe good health and safety practices – was the course run safely?

Was the course of the right duration for you to gain the skills and knowledge you needed?

Were the techniques and tactics you learned appropriate for the scenarios you could possibly face in your workplace?

Were the theory and knowledge components of the course helpful for you professionally?

How did you rate the Dynamis trainer’s knowledge and competence?

Notable Comments from our Learners:

Brilliant training – something I’ve never covered before and I found it very interesting. Knowledge of the trainer was vast and could answer every question we had. The scenarios were something we would rarely have in school here but it was all really useful to know and have those people we can call upon for a hand. Thank you.

A very professionally run days training, Gerard was a very knowledgeable and relaxed instructor who put the group at ease and made the day both informative and enjoyable.


Gerard is extremely professional and knowledgeable, ensuring excellent health and safety at all times. The online training provided a thorough introduction siting many relevant legal documentation. This will be most helpful in guiding us with the update of specific policies.


Found training to be very beneficial and was taught and explained very well and it’s ideal for my job within care home for elderly with dementia.


I was very nervous about this training but it was a great environment and he made us feel at ease and was encouraging. I liked how he brought in real life situations to make the training more relatable.


The online training element completed before the course started answered many questions before the practical training started. It saved time during the day to focus on practical skills.


The course leader was well educated on different scenarios and gave good feedback to questions that were posed to him. Gave full explanations and step to step instructions, simplified for us to follow. Fully enjoyed the course and content.


The course was long enough to learn the tactics, although there possibly could have been more! Overall the tactics taught were suitable and enough for the age group that I would use them with. A great, enjoyable course overall with a good trainer. Thanks


I thought the trainer led the session very well. She didn’t rush us through it but discussed any concerns and questions we had. She was very encouraging and spoke clearly, so that we were able to follow instructions.


I really learnt a lot of useful techniques that I have already used at school. The trainer was very knowledgeable and made the learning easy to understand.


I found both the physical and non physical part of the training very useful. The paperwork in class was very eye opening, letting us know what is and isn’t acceptable, the scenarios were very informative. The lady was very professional and extremely helpful, I came away very confident but hope I never have to use any force at work but know how to deal with the situation if it arises.


The course was flexible to the needs of the schools current situation.
The trainer was able to listen to and understand questions that people had and respond to these in a way that made sense to the individuals needing support.  Confidence and knowledge in the values and skills of the approach meant that difficult  questions were dealt with well and without disrupting the flow of the training.  A good mixture of theory and practical activities throughout the day kept staff alert so that they were active participants in the learning.  There were high expectations that all staff would make the most of the training.  It was good to know that there is access to further support should we need it once putting learning into practice.


very pleased with the training as i have gained more confidence from the experience and have learned more techniques and skills required for my role.  Training was delivered very professionally and it has left me hungry to learn more about this style. it is much more natural and organic and it just feels right when applying it.


Excellent training on safer handling, best I have experienced. Current and practical. Thank you


I wasn’t really sure what to expect but the course was well balanced with a lot of practical experiences. Trainer was engaging but thorough and answered all questions


I have done the course in a previous role but this was vastly superior to that one.


Gerard is a competent and confident instructor. He was mindful of our restrictions as Muslim women working with a male instructor. He treated us with dignity and showed us respect. Gerard used several different approaches to engage us which resulted in greater participation. He continuously emphasized the importance of safety rules and the negative consequences if they were not adhered to.  I feel that Dynamis encourages individuals to use effective communication and active listening in the first instance. Positive handling is used as a last result and should be implemented professionally and calmly.  I plan to use the extensive online materials that Gerard shared with us to develop myself further.
Thank you


Really interesting and practical course delivered within the restricted time given to you. Thank you.


The trainer was very knowledgeable and professional. It was delivered at the right pitch for us all to take it seriously and practice the holds, but to also enjoy the course and feel comfortable with everything. I found the course very informative and I am sure it will prove useful within my role.


I was quite apprehensive but the course was brilliant and genuinely useful


The course was appropriate to the needs of our workplace although sometimes we experience scenarios that are tricky to tackle with only limited staff. Gerard applied appropriate methods to the best of his ability, given the particular scenario. I definitely feel more able to safely intervene when in situations that require physical interventions. Thank you.


LEARNING DISABILITY/RESPITE SERVICES:    “My staff have been very complimentary of the course and felt that they learnt something. I personally found it to be extremely worthwhile, you are clearly knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about your specialism and were able to articulate this to the group. Thank you.”


The training was excellent it will help in my other job as well.The trainer had the time and knowledge to answer all my questions and his techniques and training methods were brilliant thanks Gerard


LONE WORKER TRAINING:  “I thoroughly enjoyed the training and felt that is was extremely helpful for my job and has given me confidence in my lone working and what we need to put in place as a team regarding our safety. I would like to her learnt more and the day and a half did not seem long enough.”


Really enjoyed the course. Wish their was a two-day option where verbal de-escalation techniques could have been further explored along with additional practice of handling techniques. You know the training session has been great when you leave a PD opportunity wishing for more!


Great course! Online training was a perfect compliment to a well delivered, well constructed, relevant ‘taught’ day. Thank you.


I was impressed by the knowledge and skill of our instructor. Excellent scenarious and basic methods were taught well. The right level of humour and professionalism. Thanks!


I thought the balance of theory and practice was good. The instructor was polite, good humoured and very patient.


Dynamis training was a lot easier to understand than other training I have had previously and although I do very few, if any interventions at the moment, I feel I would be better equipped if any did occur.


It was good to have a bit more background to the theory and legal side of things as well focusing on methods of physical intervention as in past training this was not focused on as much and helped to reinforce good practice. The trainer also answered any questions we had about specific scenarios we may come across which helped it to feel more specific to our place of work.


Trainers were amazing. Very knowledgeable and friendly, and quick to adapt to the needs of the students. I chose to say that the course was not long enough because I learned a lot during the course, and would liked to have more time to learn more skills. As a one-day course, the content we were able to cover was very good and actually more than I had expected we would be able to do during one day. The pace of the course was very good, and the online portion was also a helpful introduction to the course.

Thank you very much for all your help. I truly learned a lot during the course, and hope to have a refresher course with you in the future.

PS. The female trainer we had was phenomenal; really enjoyed learning from her. Her approach and demonstrations were very helpful in replicating possible scenarios where we might need to apply the skills we learned. Super friendly and nice 🙂

Read these and previous years’ scores at out feedback page:



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Gerard O'Dea

Gerard O'Dea is the Director of Training for Dynamis. Training Advisor, Speaker, Author and Expert Witness on Personal Safety, Conflict Management and Physical Interventions, he is the European Advisor for Vistelar Conflict Management, a global programme focussing on the spectrum of human conflict.

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