We now provide Restraint Training for Schools in Ireland

“The Department of Education and Skills should issue clear guidelines to schools regarding realistic and appropriate measures to be taken to contain children during episodes of violent behaviour. These guidelines should be based on evidence of international best practice in working with children with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties and should specifically address when it is appropriate for teachers and SNAs to use restraint and a time-out room.”

Teresa Griffin, CEO

National Council for Special Education :: An Chomhairle Náisiúnta um Oideachas Speisialta (2012)


Dynamis delivers training for your team (both online and in-person) which covers the specific topics required to carry out Positive Handling in Ireland.  Once your team understands their legislative position and the best-practice guidance relevant for restraint training for schools in Ireland, we will explore appropriate and effective methods for school staff to use in managing challenging behaviour which carried the risk of serious harm

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Visit our webpage to learn more about our Restraint Training For Schools in Ireland

Visit our new webpage dedicated to the issues of restraint and positive handling in school and education settings in Ireland:  http://www.positivehandling.co.uk/restraint-training-schools-ireland/  The webpage shows details of our learning outcomes, the different formats (including online training which can be used as a blended option) through which a school can access the training.   The page also includes resources such as links to national guidance and legislation about the use of force and physical restraint with children.

VIDEO: Restraint Training For Schools in Ireland

Or watch Gerard O’Dea our Director of Training introduce the Restraint Training For Schools in Ireland in this video:

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